Course of Study: Early Childhood/Exceptional Children (15 credits)

Teachers pursuing Special Education Graduate Certficates to meet the requirements of a Delaware Certificate of Eligibility must be enrolled in Wilminington University's Alternative Route to Teacher Certification Program.


The purpose of this certificate in Special Education-Early Childhood Exceptional Children is to prepare educators to teach young children, birth to grade two, who demonstrate a range of disabilities or risk for disabilities. The goal of the program is to provide coursework in instructional and family-based assessment and early intervention, skills to collaborate with parents and professionals, strategies and techniques to differentiate instruction, and an understanding of culturally and linguistically diverse students. 

Fieldwork/clinical experiences are embedded across the coursework, enabling the teachers to demonstrate mastery the CEC Specialist Standards through performance based tasks.  

Students who satisfactorily complete the coursework described below will qualify (on application to the Office of the Registrar) for a Wilmington University Graduate Certificate in that topic area.  This is not to be confused with a Delaware Department of Education endorsement or certificate to teach exceptional children in any category.  Such endorsements may only be granted by the Delaware Department of Education after all state-mandated requirements are met (e.g., candidates must have passing scores on all tests required by the DE Professional Standards Board; must hold a current Initial, Continuing or Advanced License and DE certification to teach in a specific subject area or grade level).

Please note that Delaware requirements for public school educators are subject to change by the Delaware Department of Education.  Wilmington University makes no guarantees that students who complete the coursework outlined below will qualify for state licenses, certificates or endorsements.  Candidate seeking such credentials must make application through DEEDS (Delaware Educator Data System).

The most recent information about Delaware licensure and certification requirements can be accessed at the Delaware Department of Education/Professional Standards Board website.

Course Requirements

Course of Study: Early Childhood Exceptional Children Course Requirements (15 credits)

MED 6102 E-Folio

MSE 7502 Educating Preschoolers with Special Needs

MSE 7603 Assessment of Young Children

MSE 7605 Differentiation of Instruction for Young Children

MSE 7607 Emergent Literacy for Young Children

MSE 7407 Collaboration/Teaming with Families & Communities

Delaware Certification in Special Education Early Childhood/Exceptional Children

Current Delaware Department of Education regulations (DE Title 14, §1570) permit individuals who hold an initial continuing, advanced license, or a Limited Standard, Standard or Professional Status Certificate issued by the Department prior to August 31, 2003, and who hold a Standard Certificate in a subject (content), grade level, or area, to apply for a State of Delaware Standard Certificate as a Special Education Early Childhood/ Exceptional Children after successfully completing five (5) of the Wilmington University College of Education courses. 

However, certification requirements are subject to change by the Delaware Department of Education and the Professional Standards Board. The most recent information about those requirements can be accessed at the Delaware Department of Education/Professional Standards Board website

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2018-2019 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2018 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.