Education Studies

Master of education

Elementary Education (K-6)

Program Requirements

Candidates are expected to complete all requirements associated with the Master of Education in Education Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education (K-6). Candidates must register for and complete EDU 102 E-folio as the initial course in the program. This course is a pre-requisite for all other education courses.

Parallel Curriculum

The purpose, curriculum and program design of the Master of Education in Education Studies, Elementary Education (K-6) are the same as for the Master of Education in Education in Elementary Studies (K-6) with the exception of those elements associated with clinical coursework (practicum, methods, student teaching).

Program Competencies

Program competencies for this degree are identical to those currently in effect for the M.Ed. in Elementary Studies (K-6), with the exception of those competencies associated with clinical courses. Program competencies and attributes are derived from the College of Education Conceptual Framework and the InTASC standards (Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium), and are described in detail at the following links:


Required Courses (24 credits)

MED 6102 E-folio

MEE 7631 Available Online Child Growth and Development

MEE 7603 Strategies for Effective Teaching

MEE 7632 Available Online Language and Literacy

MEE 7635 Available Online Professional Issues Related to Family, School, and Community

MEE 7601 Available Online Education of Diverse Populations and Exceptional Children in the Elementary School Setting

MEE 7636 Available Online Fine Arts and Literature for Children and Adolescents

MEE 7604 Available Online Technology for Instruction

MEE 7607 Available Online Health and Physical Education

MEE 8800 Available Online Applied Assessment and Research in the Classroom


Elective Courses: 24 credits as approved by the Program Chair or Graduate Advisor

Total Credit Required: 48

Please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.