Teaching and Learning

Master of Education

Program Requirements

Program Design

Candidates are expected to satisfactorily complete all requirements associated with the M.Ed. in Instruction: Teaching and Learning degree program. The 33-credit program consists of 21 credit hours of foundation courses that focus on teaching and learning and 12 credit hours of elective courses. The program requires that candidates be working in an educational setting or a training center to complete the program competency assignments. The foundation courses are offered in multiple formats: traditional, hybrid, and online. Several elective courses can be taken either in a hybrid and online format. There is a non-credit E-Folio course requirement.

Course Requirements

Foundation Courses (21 credits)

MED 6102 E-Folio (0 credits)

MED 7712 Available Online Curriculum Development

MED 7808 Available Online Assessment and Evaluation

MED 7809 Available Online Instructional Design

MED 7810 Available Online Psychology of Learning

MED 7812 Available Online Culture and Learning Environments

MED 8804 Available Online Action Research (6 credit course offered in fall and spring semesters)


Electives (12 credits)

EDT 6005 Available Online Applications in Educational Technology

MED 6490 Available Online Education, Ethics, and the Law

MED 7404 Brain-based Research Instructional Strategies

MED 7704 Available Online Education for Equity and Social Justice

MED 7805 Earth System Science

MED 7806 Climate Change and Earth Science

MED 7807 Available Online Creativity and Critical Thinking

MLL 7406 Available Online Methods of Teaching English Language Learners K-12

MRD 7802 Available Online Process and Acquisition of Literacy

MRD 7803 Available Online Strategies and Materials for Teaching Reading and Writing

MRD 7805 Available Online Strategies and Materials for Teaching Reading in the Content Area

Qualification for Degree

To qualify for the Master of Education in Instruction: Teaching and Learning degree, a candidate must successfully complete a minimum of 33 credit hours with a GPA of at least a 3.0 average. The program must be completed within five years.


Completion of this degree does not qualify the recipient for a license or certification in Delaware, since there is no relevant Delaware license or certificate.

Please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.