Elementary & Secondary
School Counseling

Master of Education

Program Requirements

Students must complete ten academic courses in appropriate sequence to meet prerequisite requirements and either a supervised practicum or supervised internship from the list below.

1st level courses must be completed  prior to 2nd level. 2nd level must be completed prior to 3rd/clinical level.

1st level - Foundation Courses (18 Credits) ALL Level 1 courses are a prerequisite to Level 2
MED 6102 e-FOLIO Electronic portfolio system (registration on Webcampus and account activation via Blackboard)
MEC 6401 Available Online Theories of Counseling (3cr)
MEC 6402 Available Online Human Behavior and Child Development (3cr)    
MEC 6607 Available Online Ethical Issues in School Counseling (3cr)        
MEC 7203 Available Online Career Development and Information Services    (3cr)
MEC 7701 Testing, Measurements, and Research in School Counseling (3cr)
MEC 6501 Available Online Principles & Practices of a School Counseling Program (3cr)
2nd level - Skill Development Courses (9 credits) Degree Candidate, 12 credits, 3.0 GPA and a matriculated student
MEC 7202 Group Counseling (3cr)
MEC 7500 Individual Counseling Skills & Strategies (6cr) 14 week semester 
3rd level - Supervised Clinical Courses (All Skill Development Courses must be completed with a 3.0 GPA and approval of a Program Chair prior to clinical application (in Task Stream) and clinical course registration (in Webcampus. Completion of PRAXIS I: PPST and state Criminal Background Check/FBI check and state child abuse clearance).

MEC 7781 OR MEC 7782

Practicum- I semester  Practicum (1 semester / 6 credits)

MEC 8000 OR MEC 8002 Internship I & II = 2 semesters Internship I (1 semester / 6 credits)
MEC 8001 OR MEC 8003 Internship II = 1 semesters Internship I (1 semester / 6 credits)
MEC 7600 Non-Certification Supervised Practicum
Degree Completion Courses MUST be taken with 2nd OR 3rd level courses
MEC 7501 Family Counseling  (3cr) (cannot be taken with Level 1 courses)      
MEC 7502 Available Online Counselor as Consultant   (3cr)   (cannot be taken with Level 1 courses)  


Prerequisites for all Supervised Practica/Internships

The following courses must be completed with a 3.0 GPA: MEC 6401 Available Online, MEC 6402 Available Online, MEC 6501 Available Online, MEC 6607 Available Online , MEC 7500 and MEC 7202. Candidates must submit scores on PRAXIS I tests or hold a current, valid teaching certificate. There is a formal application process for all MEC clinical experiences (practica and internships) which must be followed. Registration for all supervised MEC practica and internships requires the prior approval of the MEC Clinical Coordinator or the MEC Program Chair.

Title 14, §745 & 746 of the Delaware Administrative Code applies to counseling interns not currently employed in the public school system. This regulation requires Criminal Background Checks, Child Protection Registry Checks and University and district approval prior to placement as a counseling intern in a Delaware public school.

Qualifications for Degree

To qualify for the Master of Education degree, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 39  credit hours (with practicum), or 45  credit hours (with internships), maintain a GPA of at least 3.0, and submit scores on all PRAXIS I tests or hold a current, valid teaching certificate. All course work (including practicum or internships) must be completed within five years.

Please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.