Special Education

Master of Education

Program Requirements

To obtain a Master of Education degree in the Special Education program, teacher candidates must complete five courses as program prerequisites. Some of these courses require prerequisites.  Enrollment in any methods course requires the successful completion of the PRAXIS I: Math, Reading, and Writing (or relevant exemption tests) as a prerequisite. Teacher candidates who have completed a bachelor’s degree with a major in education or a Master of Education degree with a concentration in Elementary Studies at Wilmington University will have completed all program prerequisites. Teacher candidates with education degrees from other institutions must have their transcripts evaluated to assure that program prerequisites have been met. To fulfill the requirements of this program, teacher candidates must complete all course requirements as specified, depending on the option which is chosen.

Teacher candidates choosing to pursue Option A must apply to the Office of Clinical Studies for a student teaching placement for the fall semester by March 1 or for the spring semester by October 1. Applications must be submitted electronically and do not take the place of registration for the course. Registration and payment for student teaching are still necessary. In addition, the requirement of a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Teacher candidates starting their program in fall 2013 or later, must pass (using Delaware minimum score requirements) ALL sections of PRAXIS I: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing (or relevant exemption test) prior to registration for the first clinical experience, Practicum I (MSE 7991) and passing scores on the appropriate PRAXIS II test are also required before Teacher Internship. Teacher candidates should designate Wilmington University as a score recipient at the time tests are taken, and also provide a paper copy of the ETS score report that includes all scores and subscores. Teacher candidates are required to register for MED 6102, E-folio as the initial course in the program as this course will allow them to document various course requirements needed to satisfy individual program competencies.

Field and Clinical Experience Requirements

Practicum Courses

These courses require 35 hours of field experience in an approved school/clinical placement in addition to the required seminar classes. The 35 hours of field experience will take place in the specific county where the student attends the seminars. A sealed Federal and Delaware CBC (Criminal Background Check) Report, a recent TB/PPD (Less than a year old) and a completed CPR (Child Protection Registry Form) are required. For students entering the program as of fall 2013, passing PRAXIS I scores are required.

Student Internship / Teaching

Internship placements are determined by the Office of Clinical studies in conjunction with school district partnerships. Requirements for Internship include the following: Passing PRAXIS I and II scores, a sealed Federal and Delaware CBC (Criminal Background Check) Report, a recent TB/PPD (Less than a year old), a completed CPR (Child Protection Registry Form) and completed health form.

Program Prerequisites

Each option requires five program prerequisite courses, namely:

  • Methods/Content in Elementary Reading/Writing
  • Methods/Content in Elementary Mathematics
  • Classroom Management/Strategies of Effective Teaching
  • Introduction/Education of Exceptional Children or Education of Diverse Populations and Exceptional Children
  • Adolescent or Child Growth and Development

Course Requirements

Each option requires the same eleven core courses:

(For MSE students who entered the MSE Program PRIOR to Fall 2012…they need MSE 7990 Practicum ONLY.)
(For MSE students who entered the MSE Program AFTER Fall 2012…they must take ALL three (03) Practica MSE 7991, MSE 7992, AND MSE 7993.)

MED 6102 E-Folio Electronic Portfolio (0 credits)

MRD 7801 Available Online Language Development

MRD 7901 Available Online Diagnosis/Assessment of Reading Difficulties for Non-Reading/Literature Majors

MSE 7401 Available Online Curriculum in Special Education

MSE 7402 Applied Behavior Analysis

MSE 7403 Available Online Diagnosis/Assessment/IEP Development

MSE 7991 Practicum I in Special Education

MSE 7992 Practicum II in Special Education

MSE 7993 Practicum III in Special Education

MSE 8102 Available Online Legislation and Implementation of Policy & Procedure

MSE 8103 Supervision and Evaluation of Special Education Programs

Also, each option has specific courses which must be acquired in addition to the eleven core courses listed above. By option, these requirements follow:

Option A - Certification Program

MAS 7602 Available Online School in a Multicultural Society

MSE 8101 Severe Disabilities

MSE 8802 Student Teaching in Special Education

Option B - Instructional Program

Choose 4 courses (12 credits) from the following elective options:

MAS 7602 Available Online The School in a Multicultural Society

MAS 7651 Available Online Adolescent Growth and Development

MAS 7701 Classroom Culture and Student Behavior

MEC 6601 Effective Mentoring in a K-12 School Setting

MED 7703 Available Online Curriculum and Teaching: Research, Theory, and Practice

MEE 7631 Available Online Child Growth and Development

MSE 7400 Available Online The Gifted and Talented Child

MSE 7404 Assistive Technology (MH, SED, LD)

MSE 7409 Methods of Instruction in Academic Standards and Func Skill

MSE 7501 Introduction to Autism and Severe Disabilities

MSE 7502 Educating Pre-Schoolers with Special Needs

MSE 7506 Functional Communication of Individuals with Autism & Severe Disabilities

MSE 7507 Comp-based Practicum in Behaviorally-based Teaching Techniques

MSE 8101 Severe Disabilities

Option C - Administrative Program

MED 6490 Available Online Education, Ethics, and the Law

MED 7201 Available Online Fiscal Operations and Resources

MED 7503 Available Online School and Community: Building a Shared Vision

MED 7708 Available Online Curriculum Leadership

MED 7701 Available Online Supervisory Leadership: Staff Selection, Appraisal, and Renewal

Choose one of the following:
MED 7706 Available Online The Principalship: PreK-8
MED 7707 Available Online The Principalship: 9-12

Qualifications for Degree

Passing scores on PRAXIS I are required for each option.  To qualify for a Master of Education in Special Education (Option A, certification option) degree, a teacher candidate must complete all necessary course work including prerequisite courses, Teacher Internship, PRAXIS I, and the appropriate PRAXIS II tests with at least a “B” average in the graduate courses. To qualify for a Master of Education in Special Education (Option B or Option C, non-certification options) degree, a candidate must complete all necessary course work including prerequisite courses, and PRAXIS I with at least a “B” average in the graduate courses.

Passing scores on PRAXIS I are required prior to registering for the prerequisite methods courses at Wilmington University.  An E-Folio—electronic portfolio—that demonstrates program competencies is also required for graduation from the master’s program. The program must be completed within five years.

Delaware Autism & Severe Disabilities Certification Courses*

Students taking courses to satisfy certification requirements are personally responsible for verifying with the Delaware Department of Education (or the appropriate licensure/certification authority in another state) that such course work is applicable and acceptable. Students are also responsible for meeting all state-mandated testing requirements (PRAXIS I, PRAXIS II, etc.), for fulfilling state-mandated degree and/or teaching experience requirements, and for applying for credentials.

Any changes in state regulations for certificates could cause Wilmington University to make course and/or program adjustments in order to align with new or revised state requirements.  Wilmington University reserves the right to change requirements to comply with any licensure/certification mandates of the Delaware Department of Education.

Wilmington University courses (*) approved for Delaware certification in Autism and Severe Disabilities:

MSE 7402 Applied Behavior Analysis*

MSE 7501 Introduction to Autism and Severe Disabilities*

MSE 7506 Functional Communication*

MSE 7409 Methods of Instruction in Academic Standards and Functional Skills*

MSE 7507 Competency-Based Practicum*

Please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.