School Leadership

Master of Education

Program Requirements

Program Design

Candidates are expected to satisfactorily complete all requirements associated with the School Leadership program. A total of 33-35 credit hours are required for program completion. Field-based components are embedded in every course. Practicum/Internship experience/hours are aligned with certification requirements in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The program is normally completed in two to three years, although accelerated options make it possible to complete the program in one year or less by combining regular courses, summer week-long courses, weekend courses, online learning courses, and/or hybrid courses.

Required Courses

With the exception of MED 6102, courses may be taken in any order. It is recommended that candidates take MED 7590 Available Online and MED 7503 Available Online very early in the program.

MED 6102 E-Folio (0 credits)
MED 6102 is required for all candidates listing a major of MED School Leadership. MED 6102 is also required for all non-degree candidates taking coursework for administrative certification. E-Folio is an electronic portfolio system used for documenting and tracking student mastery of program competencies.

MED 6490 Available Online Education, Ethics, and the Law

MED 7201 Available Online Fiscal Operations and Resources

MED 7503 Available Online School and Community: Building a Shared Vision

MED 7590 Available Online School Leadership: Theory and Practice

MED 7701 Supervisory Leadership: Staff Selection, Appraisal, and Renewal

MED 7705 Available Online Measurement, Accountability, and Student Learning

Choose either:
MED 7706 Available Online The Principalship, preK-8
MED 7707 Available Online The Principalship, 9-12

MED 7708 Available Online Curriculum Leadership

MED 8900 Practicum in School Leadership (Includes Content Area Assessment)

MED 8903, 8904, 8905 and 8906 Administrative Internship (3-6 credits)

Elective Courses (choose one)

MED 7702 Classroom and School Culture: Creating Environments for Learning

MED 7703 Available Online Curriculum and Teaching: Research, Theory, and Design

MED 7704 Available Online Education for Equity and Social Justice

MED 7709 Personnel Administration

MED 7710 Available Online Technology and the School Environment

MED 7712 Available Online Curriculum Development**

MED 7799 Available Online Supervision and Curriculum Improvement**


Qualification for Degree

To qualify for the Master of Education in School Leadership degree, a student must successfully complete all required courses plus one of the above elective courses for a minimum of 33 credit hours (35 credit hours for New Jersey candidates), with a GPA of at least 3.0. The program must be completed within five years. Program completion and graduation are also contingent on achieving a satisfactory grade (“S”) for the School Leadership Content Area Assessment (CAA). In addition, beginning July 1, 2014, candidates are required to take the School Leader Licensure Assessment (SLLA) and achieve a score deemed passing by the College of Education.

Graduation Planning Conference

Prior to registering for either the Practicum in School Leadership or the Administrative Internship, candidates will schedule a graduation planning conference with the Program Chair or a University Program Advisor.

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2014-2015 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2014 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.