Forwarding your Wilmington University E-mail

Below are instructions for redirecting all e-mail sent to your Wilmington University faculty/staff Exchange e-mail account to an external e-mail address. Please note that in setting up this rule, WU can no longer verify delivery to your selected external account after the message leaves our Exchange system. It is up to your destination e-mail system to facilitate delivery to your external inbox.

These steps must be performed using Internet Explorer for Windows (Version 6.0 or higher). This setup cannot be completed with Firefox or Safari on Windows or Mac.

  1. Login to Outlook Web Access (OWA) at
  2. Click "Options" in the top right toolbar.                                                                                                      Options link
  3. Click "Rules" on the left hand toolbar.                                                                                                       Rules link
  4. Click "New Rule" and select "Create a new rule for arriving messages".
  5. Create New Rule

  6. Click "Delete Disabled Rules".                                                                                                                 Delete Disabled Rules
  7. On the New Rule window, click "Forward or redirect" under "Do the following".
  8. Forward or Redirect

  9. Click the box to "Redirect the message to people or distribution lists". Making this change will enable a ‘people or distribution lists’ link in the right column of the window.
  10. Redirect the Message

  11. On the New Rule window, click " Move, Copy, or Delete " under "Do the following". Then click the box to "Delete the message".
  12. Please note: This a critical step to ensure that mail will be delivered to your external e-mail account.

    Delete the Message

  13. Click the "people or distribution lists" link in the right column of the New Rule window. This will open the Address Book.
  14. People or Distribution Lists

  15. At the bottom of the Address Book window, enter the e-mail address you wish to redirect to in the "To -->" box and click "OK".
  16. Enter Externale Email

  17. Click "Save" at the very bottom right corner of the browser window.
  18. Save

  19. Click "OK" to the confirmation window.
  20. OK

  21. It is very important that you send an email to your account and verify that messages are indeed getting redirected to your set destination address.