Student Email

New Student Email Accounts Coming Week of 2/27/2017

The week of February 27, 2017, all students will be issued new email accounts and email addresses as part of the rollout of myWilmU. Email accounts and addresses described below (ending in will be replaced, and all messages redirected to students' new accounts.

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All Wilmington University students are issued Wilmington University email accounts.

Wilmington University will use your student email account as an official means of communicating with you. This means that the University will send you messages regarding your admission, enrollment, finances, student life, and academics. This will include communications from your instructors about courses you are currently taking.

What's my WU email address?

Your email address is your WebCampus/Blackboard username + ''.


Important: You must include the full domain

Can't I just use ''?

No. You must include the full '' at the end of your address. Otherwise, the message will be returned to the sender undelivered.

How do I get my email?

Access your Wilmington University student email:

What's my username and password?

Your username and password is the same as your WebCampus/Blackboard username and password. If you access your email through WebCampus, you will not need to re-enter your login credentials.

You will be prompted to change your WebCampus password the first time you log in to WebCampus. Your new password must be at least 7 characters and must contain only letters and numbers (no punctuation, spaces or special characters). You will also be prompted to enter additional security information that will enable you to reset your password online in the future (if you forget it).

How do I change my password?

Since your email password is the same as your WebCampus/Blackboard password, you change and manage your password using WebCampus.

Don't forget: when you change your password, you must update that password in your email software (Outlook, etc.) or mobile device if you chose that option.

What if I don't know my WebCampus login information?

You can be reminded of your username or reset your password for WebCampus right on the login page as long as you previously completed all of the security information for your account. Otherwise, contact our 24-hour help center at

How much storage do I get with my email account?

Your new email account provides up to 6GB of email storage.

Can I automatically forward my WU email to a different address?

Yes. You can set your WU email account to automatically forward messages to a different email address. Here's how

How is my Wilmington University email account used with Blackboard?

Wilmington University integrates your Blackboard account with your WU email address. Your WU email address is already setup in your Blackboard account, so you won't need to re-enter it. More information