Faculty Development Day

Workshops from Fall 2010

Don't Gamble with Grades

This workshop, presented by WU full-time and adjunct faculty members, will provide an overview of grading at the University. Topics will include the WU grading system, attendance, decisions about grades, and using the Class Information and Schedule to clarify grading methods, attendance, classroom policies, etc. Also included will be an overview of the Grade Appeal process.

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Beginners Luck with Blackboard

This workshop is for beginning users of Blackboard. Learn more about the basic tools within Blackboard that can help you manage your course. You will learn how to post and use announcements to keep your students “in the know”, send emails to all students or just select students, and how to set up a basic Grade Book. Also included will be a quick overview of WebCampus – where to find your schedule (assigned classroom), roster, and enter grades.

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Roll the Dice with Wimba Classroom

This workshop is for seasoned Bb users. This is the newest tool available to faculty in Blackboard. You will be introduced to the five teaching tips for engaging, interactive "live web" sessions (also known as Web Conferencing). You will learn the recommended techniques to prepare your participants before attending your live session. Learn how you can use this tool to enhance your class (online or face-to-face).

Up the Ante with Bb Communication Tools

This workshop is for seasoned Bb users. Collaboration is a key element of learning online. The Blackboard environment offers a range of options for educators and students to connect. These options will be demonstrated in this session. The Blackboard Collaboration Tools allow the Instructor and Students to participate in real time lessons and discussions and also view archives of previous Collaboration sessions. The Collaboration Tools can be used to hold online classroom discussions and office hour type question/answer forums.

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Take a Chance using "Clickers"

Do you want to build interactivity into your course? Student Response Systems (“Clickers”) allow you to turn an ordinary PowerPoint slide show into an interactive, collaborative presentation. Students can respond to your slides through a hand-held device designed to provide immediate feedback as well as generate reports for further analysis of learning. In this session, you will learn how to set up your PowerPoint show to engage your learners.

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