Join us as we present workshops designed to help you better use the technologies available at WU in your classroom. If you’ve ever wondered how to make that lecture more exciting, but were afraid of where to go with it, these workshops are for you. There will be a number of workshops presented by our full-time and adjunct faculty members that will show you how you can better engage your students in your classrooms through the use of technologies.

If you are interested in learning more about the technologies used in the workshops, training is available through the Education Technology/Online Learning Department.

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SAMPLE AGENDA - 8:30 - 8:45 - Sign In, Faculty I D Cards, University Vendors, Continental Breakfast - 9:00 - 9:30 - Opening Remarks and Announcements - 9:30 - 9:45 - Break - 9:45 - 10:45 - Workshop I - 10:45 - 10:55 - Break - 10:55 - 11:55 - Workshop II - 12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch - 1:00 - 2:00 - College (department) Meetings - End of Day - Turn in your survey to staff in Main Lobby area


Who killed Mr. Magoo with the book in the Library?  Presented by James McCloskey, Library Director – Robert C. & Dorothy M. Peoples Library.  Learn how to be a detective of the Library to better use their resources to engage your students in learning. This workshop will provide an overview of the new library resources, including streaming videos, as well as concrete examples of how instructors can partner with the library in the use of these resources. 

Stories from beyond – Digital Storytelling.  Presented by Mary Beth Youse, Instructional Technologies Project Specialist – Education Technology & Online Learning.  Have you ever watched a short movie/video on YouTube and wonder, “How did they do that?” Do you want to find a distinctive way to communicate with your students, or offer students a unique assignment opportunity? Digital storytelling may be the technology project for you, which instructs, persuades, demonstrates and expresses information on just about any topic. Constructing a narrative and applying images, music, video, and text makes up a digital story. This session will share where to find image and audio resources. Demonstration includes methods on how to put a digital story together utilizing Animoto and PowerPoint.  This session is demonstration only of digital storytelling techniques. A full, hands-on 2 hour workshop is available at edtech@wilmu.edu

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Scary Movies – No, It’s Integrating the iPad into the University Classroom.  Presented by Matt Wilson, Assistant Professor & Chair, FYE Program – College of Arts & Sciences and Scott Shaw, Assistant Professor & Chair, Game Design, Development & Studio Production – College of Technology.  This session is for iPad users who would like to develop ways of applying iPad technology into the classroom.  Examples of classroom uses from other universities will be discussed as well as the equipment needs, recommended apps, and strategies for effective classroom uses will be presented.

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Outcomes Assessment – The Mystery is Solved.  Presented by Dr. James Wilson, Vice President – Academic Affairs.  This workshop is designed to provide new faculty (or even "seasoned" faculty who are new to outcomes assessment requirements) with an introduction to the Academic Affairs’ outcomes assessment process.  Basic concepts, terms and the rationale for the assessment of student learning, student satisfaction, and instructional effectiveness will be reviewed.

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Who turned out the lights?  Using Clickers in Your Classroom.  Presented by Dr. Ernest Linsay, Director – Faculty Development & Support and Assistant Professor – College of Arts & Sciences.  Student Response Systems (aka “Clickers”) are wireless transmitters that allow students to answer multiple-choice questions that an instructor inserts into PowerPoint with easy to use software.  The range of students’ responses can be quickly displayed to allow the instructor and students to see whether or not the concept has been understood.  This workshop will address:  Why use Clickers?   How to use Clickers in the classroom?  How to design questions for use with Clickers?  How can instructors reserve sets of Clickers?

Make your papers disappear!  The Paperless Classroom.  Presented by Dr. Ron Stephenson, Adjunct Instructor – College of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Dr. Stephanie Berridge, Assistant Professor and Chair, Behavioral Science Program – College of Social & Behavioral Sciences.  If you’re tired of keeping track of papers from your students, finding the next assignment, managing grades on a spreadsheet, this workshop is for you.  The various items available to you through Blackboard and WebCampus will be demonstrated.  Assignment Manager, Grade Book, Syllabus, Online Assessments, Announcements, Discussion Boards, Building Content, and Attendance will be reviewed and demonstrated to show you how you can rid yourself of all that paper and get organized electronically.

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PREZI! A Crafty Presentation Tool.  Presented by Diana North, Adjunct Instructor – College of Education.  Are your candidates moaning about using PowerPoint? Toiling over of all the dreadful uploading and downloading?  Are you ready to creep away from your comfort zone and explore another option?  Prezi is a Web 2.0 presentation application with hair-raising appeal!  This session will provide the basics:  how to get started, example presentations, and PowerPoint import.   In addition, you will leave this session with some Prezi tricks and treats for empowering yourself to become a startling Prezi presenter, and enchant your candidates dwelling within a student-centered learning environment who thirst for a choice!  Don’t be scared!  Bring your laptops or your flashdrives and let’s brew up some spine-chilling Prezi fun! (this workshop will be presented in a computer lab)

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Goblins and Ghouls – Integrating Technology Tools into Blackboard and your Courses.  Presented by Catherine Maguire, Assistant Professor – College of Health Professions and Lisa Drews, Online Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor – College of Health Professions.  The purpose of our session is to demonstrate integration of technology to foster engagement of students
Objectives:  1) At the completion of this session the participant will be able to integrate the use of technology to personalize courses to enhance student engagement. 2) At the completion of the session the participant will be able to utilize a minimum of two of the technology based tools presented in this session.

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Technology Creeps into the Classroom.  Presented by Dawn Cox, Adjunct Instructor – College of Arts & Sciences.  Technology is not something that instructors should fear either. Technology in the classroom should be easy and here are some simple things that instructors can do.  For example: do not recreate the wheel! Instructors can use resources that are already there on the internet.  Find them and give your students access! Often students are ahead of us where technology is concerned.  They use all kinds of devices to access the internet. Making sure that they can download resources to these devices in the classroom is important.  We will discuss:
1)  Some very helpful websites that you might not be aware of or think of to use  2) Using Screencast-O-Matic to convert video files to MP4 files. Students can download them on any device  3)  Keeping organized. All of this technology can be overwhelming when it comes to grading.  This will be geared toward online instructors, but face to face instructors might find it helpful as well.

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It’s a long, dark road – Take a Virtual Field Trip in your Classroom.  Presented by Dr. Tish Gallagher, Adjunct Professor – College of Health Professions and Nancy Doody, Assistant Director – Faculty Development & Support and Assistant Professor – College of Business.  Attendees will have the opportunity to explore web resources designed to take students on a field trip without ever leaving the classroom.  These resources allow the venue to come to you.  Learn how you can further engage your students in the Art of Learning through the use of the virtual field trip (workshop will be presented in a computer lab—bring your flash drives).

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Online Assessments – A Witch’s Brew simplified.  Presented by Josh Simpson, Instructional Designer – Education Technology & Online Learning and Adjunct Instructor – College of Social & Behavioral Sciences.  This workshop will demonstrate how easy it is to create online assessments using Blackboard.  Learn to create various types of tests online – save time in your classrooms.  Participants will also learn how to create surveys they can use for determining the effectiveness of their current teaching practices.

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If you have any questions about this event, please contact Nancy Doody, Assistant Director – Faculty Development & Support Office, at 302-356-6726 (nancy.c.doody@wilmu.edu) or Taquana Woodards, Administrative Assistant, at 302-356-6729 (taquana.c.woodards@wilmu.edu).
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