Faculty Development Day

Save the Date!

Our Spring Faculty Development Day will be held on
Saturday, March 21st, 2015.
Our call for proposals will take place during January of 2015.

New Castle Campus - Doberstein Admissions and Classroom Center (DAC)

Thank You!

An event of this size requires the hard work and dedication of many people. The Faculty Development and Support Department would like to thank everyone who made our day possible:

  • Our faculty-for your continued dedication to our students.
  • Our workshop presenters, for your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise with our attendees: Taryn Fletcher, Dr. Ciro Poppiti, Gary Donahue, Dr. Jack Cunningham, Debbie Taylor, Sally Healy, Jim McCloskey, Adriana Marini Cossetti, Jesse Orlando, Mark Hufe, Kelly Cheeseman, Matt Whelihan, Kate Cottle, Elizabeth Slater, Mary Beth Youse, Holly Conley, Lisa Drews, Dr. Sherry Scanlon, Dr. Cynthia Sosnowski, Dr. Ken Morlino, Lara Crowley, Joseph Ward, Josh Simpson, Nancy Doody, Diane Bansbach and Danielle Bergez
  • Our moderated discussion facilitators and note-takers for guiding our conversation on how Our Story Unfolds: Dr. John Gray, Karen Sundquist, Dr. Kathi Brown, Regina Giannone-Tyler, Al DiEmdio, Dr. Sherry Wilson, Denise Westbrook, Dr. Doreen Palucci, Dr. Sheila Sharbaugh, Dr. Olivia Roane, Dr. Jim Wilson, Felicia Haskins-Jones, Dr. Chris Trowbridge, Niecy LeBright, Dr. Eileen Donnelly, Dr. Doreen Turnbo, Dr. Sharon Yoder, Dr. Pam Curtiss, Barb Quattro, Dr. Jim Boyd, Janice Wardle, Dr. Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Patti Winter, Dr. Dick Gochnauer, Dr. Audrey Parajon, Dr. Ed Guthrie, Pam Shukitt, Nancy Doody, Dr. Lew Atkinson and Josh Simpson.
  • The Educational Technology department for making access to Faculty Development Day possible for our online participants: Russ Lichterman, Dean Davis, and Drew Cline.
  • The Classroom Technology department for ensuring all audio and visual equipment functioned properly: Steve Cope, Jay Finney, Dane Strosnider, and Ben Cutler.
  • The Maintenance department for scheduling and configuring classrooms and overflow rooms throughout the day: Jane West, Clarence McManus, Donald Kukawski, Bruce Passalacqua, Jim Dunwoody, and Michael Mundy.
  • The Faculty Senate-Faculty Development Day Committees for helping to organize the day’s theme, presenters, and lunchtime ceremony: Dr. Thelma Hinds, Dr. Olivia Roane, Nora Hufe, Niecy LeBright, Dr. Don Durandetta, Dr. Audrey Parajon, Janice Wardle, Karen Sundquist, Dr. Pat Ramone, Nancy Doody, Dr. Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Felicia Jones-Haskins, Pam Shukitt, Sherry Wilson, Regina Giannone-Tyler, and Dr. Doreen Palucci.
  • The Faculty Development and Support department for assisting with registration and addressing faculty concerns during the day: Dr. Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Nancy Doody, Nina Campanicki, Josh Simpson, Taquana Woodards, Robin Foraker, Tara Fridley, Barb Quattro, and Patti Winter.