Faculty Development Day

Workshops from Spring 2008

How to Build a Culture of Information Literacy in Your Classroom: Tools You Can Use

Dr. Steven (Steve) LeShay, Professor, Business Division, Wilmington University
Ms. Mariadora (Maria) Weeks, Assistant Professor, Nursing Division, Wilmington University

The presentation will answer such questions as: What is Information Literacy? Why is it Important? What is your Information Literacy IQ? and How can the Wilmington University Library help build Information Literacy in your classroom? Included will be information about how to access a free IL tutorial and rubric that can be used as standard tools for measuring IL across your curriculum.

Making your Online Classes Sing, Dance, Talk and Talk Back

Dr. Russell (Russ) Meade, Adjunct Instructor, Business Division, Wilmington University

An interactive and fun sharing of the best multimedia tools for your online course. Learn what works and what doesn’t in the online environment. If you have a multimedia "tool" that you use, let's share! Prerequisite: Blackboard / Online Teaching Experience

Who Moved my Classroom? Education in the Digital World

Ms. Sallie Reissman, Distance Learning Director, Wilmington University

Millions of college students around the world attend class from their living-room sofas, kitchen tables, home offices and even park benches–part of an ever-escalating trend of attending school online. Are you interested in distance learning? Find out about the online programs at WU! Enrollment limited to 25. Prerequisite: none.

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Introduction to Microsoft Office 2007

Ms. Barbara Danley, Instructional Technologist, Wilmington University

Learn the new Microsoft Office “interface” and why it’s so important when working with Office applications. We’ll explore the changes in PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word with hands-on mini tasks for each. Enrollment limited to 15. Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge and hands-on experience in a computer lab.

Blackboard Basics–Begin Teaching with Technology

Mr. Joseph (Joe) Rapposelli, Instructional technologist, Wilmington University

This self-paced Blackboard Online session will introduce instructors to the basic features and tools of Blackboard through a series of readings, audio tutorials, and online activities. Begin the training today and complete on own time via an online format with high touch facilitation. Enrollment limited to 15. Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge and hands-on experience in a computer lab. 

30 Technology Teaching Tips in 30 Minutes

Ms. Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Instructional Designer, Wilmington University

Practical tips, tricks and resources for faculty using technology in their teaching. Every participant is guaranteed to leave with a few electronic resources they can start using right away! Enrollment limited to 25. Prerequisite: Blackboard Experience.

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Αξιολ?γηση των εκβ?σεων: Its Greek to Me(Outcomes Assessment)

Dr. Jim Wilson, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Wilmington University

During this session, participants will discuss:

  • basic concepts of outcomes assessment of student learning
  • recent developments related to Wilmington Universities outcomes process
  • review results of a recent Faculty Senate survey 

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Self Publishing

Mr. Mickey Turnbo, Associate Professor, ITAC Division, Wilmington University

This workshop will utilize “BookSmart” software and a company called “Blurb.com” to create a book of photographs with accompanying text. You act as your own publisher and Blurb.com is your printing company. In addition to the use of the software, you will learn how to acquire an ISBN number for your book and why that may be important. We’ll also talk about how Self Publishing can be used both personally and / or incorporated into a dynamic class project. This workshop will take place in computer lab 315 in the DAC building.

Academic Writing Tips and APA Research Style

Ms. Elizabeth (Liz) Slater, Adjunct Instructor, General Studies Division, Wilmington University

This workshop provides an overview of APA style and a review of general requirements for academic writing. Specific topics include manuscript formatting, essay writing, and the organization of research papers. A scaffold type model of an APA research paper will be provided. Enrollment limited to 25.

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Copyright & Fair Use in the Blackboard Environment

Mr. James (Jim) McCloskey, Library Director, Wilmington University

Fair Use is not just for copies but includes electronic distribution as well. Wilmington University’s Blackboard system facilitates electronic distribution of materials under copyright but you must know how to apply fair use in this environment. This session will provide an overview of copyright and fair use and consider how it applies to the distribution of materials in an electronic environment such as Blackboard. Attendees may want to take the “Crash Course in Copyright” (http://www.utsystem.edu/ogc/IntellectualProperty/cprtindx.htm).

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What’s New at the Library

Ms. Adrienne Johnson, Outreach Librarian, Wilmington University

Our goal at the Library is to "help you learn." The Library has acquired many new resources and services over the past few months to help continue to reach this goal. Stop by to learn about some of our new additions including: full-text databases, electronic reference sources, changes to the ENG101 Library Project, and distance learning services.

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Integrating Technology into Curriculum Design

Ms. Angela Darrenkamp, Adjunct Faculty Millersville University and Immaculata College; National Faculty, CUNY; Teacher, O.J. Roberts High

Learn how can you utilize online sources to design dynamic tools, curriculum, and assignments for you students? Learn about valuable sources that you can access to extend and enhance student learning through the creative design of your curriculum and assignments. 

Campus Security

Dr. John (Jack) Cunningham, Director of Public Safety, Wilmington University Master Corporal James P.Warrick, Delaware State Police

This workshop is conducted by Master Corporal James P. Warrick of the Delaware State Police and University Director of Public Safety Jack Cunningham. Workshop attendees will be provided with an introduction the University’s tiered emergency warning system and response plan. Corporal Warrick will provide attendees with a thumbnail sketch of “Active Shooter” training being provided by the Delaware State Police throughout the state. Topics included will be the physiological responses to violence and an overview of possible actions during a violent scenario. 

Watercolor Painting

Ms. Sema Mellian, Adjunct Instructor, General Studies Division, Wilmington University

A quick study on how to paint with watercolor. Come, relax and enjoy. The workshop will supply watercolor paper, paint, and brushes. I will show you how to paint a landscape and everyone will follow. Watercolor is a simple technique that everyone will enjoy and understand the medium. After completing the masterpiece, it will be put into a matted frame and ready to be displayed. Enrollment limit: 15-18.

Mindfulness Meditation

Dr. Doris Lauckner, Assistant Professor, Behavioral Science Division, Wilmington University

Meditation is considered to be the "Great Teacher". It helps to cleanse and purify the mind through a process of understanding. Through this process, concentration, tranquility, awareness and insight are cultivated. Mindfulness meditation is one form of meditation which is focused on developing these qualities of insight and awareness. However, mindfulness can be applied to any aspect of our day to day lives, including teaching and the classroom setting. This workshop will mainly be experiential in nature but also will provide some tips on how to integrate meditation and mindfulness into the classroom. 

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Tia Chi

Diane Cannon, Chief Trainer, Ming Tao T'ai Chi Ch'uan Studio, Newark, DE

Times get very stressful during the semester for students and faculty, especially during exam weeks! This workshop will introduce you to the benefits of practicing T’ai Chi, especially when the demands in our lives get a bit overwhelming. Practicing T’ai Chi has been known to reduce stress, calm the mind and body, increase health and a general sense of well-being, while creating a sense of balance and confidence in oneself. We will practice some basic movement and breathing exercises as well as some beginning postures of the T’ai Chi main form. Come wearing loose comfortable clothing, ready to stretch and relax, and leave with a smile!

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Technology Kiosks

During the morning break, you can visit several kiosks to find more about “AV Troubleshooting”, “Adding Voice to HYB/DIS Courses” and “Locating Web Resources in a SNAP.” You also can have a faculty ID made as well as a complimentary professional picture.