Course ‘Syllabus’ Instructions for Faculty

Preparing Your Course Outline and Schedule

Course Syllabus Template

Faculty members can download the document linked below to use as a guide for creating their Course Syllabus document. This template outlines items such as the course description, objectives, teaching methods, evaluation procedures and any other supplemental objectives. Also included is the course schedule of activities and assignments. It is not required that instructors use this template, it is merely provided to guide instructors though the content they may need to prepare for their courses.

Instructors should post their syllabi at least one week prior to the start of the course.

*For copies of existing syllabi, please contact your Program Chair or member of our Syllabi Support Team at

Sample Documents

Adding Your Course Outline to Blackboard

View the tutorial below to learn how to add your Course Outline and Schedule to your Blackboard site (6 minutes).