Authorization to use Excess Financial Aid for Bookstore and Other Charges

Prior to charging books at the bookstore please read the following statement:
Your signature on the bookstore receipt will indicate that you READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE CONDITIONS DETAILED BELOW.

If you are eligible for financial aid in excess of tuition and fees, you may use such funds to pay for other educationally-related charges, such as books and supplies. In addition, you may authorize Wilmington University to use excess aid funds to pay a prior year past-due balance (not to exceed $200) current year tuition/fees, book charges and other charges you may incur. Please be aware that if you do not grant Wilmington University such authorization, you are responsible for paying for all books, supplies, and other charges incurred.

By signing the bookstore receipt, I understand the following:

This authorization is valid for funds in excess of tuition and fees, based on financial aid eligibility and enrollment status.

I may rescind this authorization at any time prior to incurring any educationally-related charges.

I may not cancel this authorization after any such charges have been made.

My request to rescind/change this authorization must be in writing.

Consequence of my withdrawing from all classes during an enrollment period:

A student who receives federal financial aid assistance (Pell Grant, AC Grant, SMART Grant, FSEOG, Work-study, Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Stafford loans, Parent PLUS loan, Graduate PLUS Loan) to pay for his/her college education has the responsibility to attend all classes until the end of the term. For all students who do NOT complete all classes in the term for any reason, federal regulations require that Student Financial Services perform a “Return of Title IV Funds” calculation. Funds that the student was not eligible to retain are referred to as “unearned funds.” The student will be responsible for paying Wilmington University any charges that exceed the amount of financial aid earned and that must be returned to the government and/or lender.