Meet the Financial Aid Staff

For general Financial Aid inquiries, or to contact your aid advisor, please call the University Information Center (302) 356-4636 during University hours of operation.


Nicole L. McDaniel Smith

Associate Director

Connie B. Guthrie

Federal Funds Manager

Susan Genereux

Financial Aid Advisors

Each student is assigned a designated Financial Aid Advisor based on their last name. The aid advisor is the individual responsible for processing the student's financial aid application and for providing assistance to students with special requests and/or circumstances. Please see the chart below to determine who is your designated Advisor:

Mr. Shane Marioni A, B Ms. Angela Hunt L, M
Ms. Patti Remedio C, D Ms. Sandy Caldwell N, O, P, Q
Ms. Cristine Layton E, F, G Ms. Valarie Walls S, T
Ms. Virginia Brown H, I, J Ms. Connie Guthrie W
Mr. Timothy Yancy K, R, U, V, X, Y, Z    

Financial Aid Assistants

Laura Leslie - SAP Coordinator

Dolores Marshall             

Ashanti West