WilmU Financial Aid Application


Here are the instructions to get to the "WilmU FA App" and other financial aid information through your Web Campus account.

  1. Log into Web Campus.
  2. Make sure the term at the top left is showing the semester you are applying for fiancial aid (Fall 2014 for most students).
  3. Scroll down on the left side and find "Fall 2014 and forward" to get to your 2014-2015 Financial Aid application information.
  4. Once in your 2014-15 FA account, you may click directly onto the "Apply Online" tab at the top of the screen OR
  5. Click on the "Documents" tab (to view all of the outstanding documents or requirements you may have), and the WilmU FA App should appear with a link that states "Complete It Now."

Once you are made a financial aid award offer, you'll need to follow steps 1-3 but then click on the "Awards" tab to view your award; and the "Accept Awards" tab to accept, reduce or decline your aid offer.