Get Your Financial Aid


Log onto Web Campus to Accept Award

Log into WebCampus once you have received notification that your financial aid application has been processed and an award offer has been made for you.


Navigate to the Financial Aid Portal by clicking on "My Financial Aid"

Review the Conditions of Award > Review the Budget at the top of the screen> then go to the bottom half to Accept, Decline and/or Reduce the loans offered to you.

Note 1: Although the option is given, please refrain from declining Pell Grant funds since these are funds that do NOT need to be repaid.

Note 2: Remember to accept your full Subsidized  Loan first before accepting any Unsub since this is the "cheaper" loan.


Financial Aid Will Be Applied to Your Account Balance

Disbursements are contingent upon class attendance. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in 6 credits per semester and graduate students must be enrolled in 5 credits per semester within your degree program. Financial aid will appear as "ANTICIPATED" before actual financial aid funds are applied to student’s billing account after the add/drop period in which the student is enrolled: block 1, semester, block 2 and modular. Find out more about term and transfer dates. Once funds are applied to the student’s billing account, federal regulations mandate the refund be released to the student within 14 days. Find out more about how to receive your refund.


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