Renew Your Financial Aid

Current students returning for the next academic year must take the following steps to renew (re-apply for) financial aid for the next year. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the next academic year is generally available January 1st of the current academic year.


Create an FSA ID if you haven't already.

The FSA ID is replacing the PIN beginning in May 2015.  You must create an FSA ID to be able to sign federal financial aid documents electronically and to access your financial aid information.  You can create the FSA ID at 


Renew Your FAFSA at

You already have your PIN, now all you need to do is update your FAFSA with current information from this year's tax returns.


Watch Your Mail or WebCampus

You will receive a document tracking letter telling you what you need to do next. Returning students may not need to do anything else provided their FAFSA was not selected for verification. You can check WebCampus anytime for updates.


Submit Additional Request Information

If you have been notified to submit additional documentation, please respond as soon as possible.  Aid cannot be processed until those documents are received.


Haven't Received Confirmation Yet?

If you submitted your FAFSA more than four weeks ago and have not received confirmation from the University, make sure you have released your FAFSA information to Wilmington University and then contact the Financial Aid Office (302) 356-4636.


Go on to the Next Step: Get Your Financial Aid

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