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At Wilmington University we are committed to helping our students achieve their higher education goals. A number of scholarships are awarded annually. Find scholarships online, explore your options and apply.

Wilmington University Scholarships

These scholarships target Wilmington University students based on merit, need, or other criteria. Click the "Apply" button below to see a comprehensive list of scholarships.




External Scholarships

Delaware Higher Education Office

Delaware Goes To College this web site has several scholarships listed for Delaware residents. Application deadlines vary.

Yorkville Blanket Scholarship

For prospective or current college students who are living with ASD as well as students who are parents, siblings, and children of somebody on the autism spectrum to earn an award of $1000 toward continuing their education. The scholarship was created to help provide a means to pursue a post-secondary education for those whose lives have been impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The application deadline is April 30, 2017 for Fall 2017 and October 15, 2017 for Spring 2018

Apply at: 

Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO)

PEO is an organization that helps women pursue their higher education goals.  One of the opportunities it offers women is a continuing education grant known as PCEPCE is a need-based, one-time-only grant awarded for educational expenses associated with the cost of academic or technical courses including online courses. The maximum grant amount is $3,000, however, a smaller amount may be awarded. For more information, please visit PEO's web site.

Good Colleges Scholarship

Good Colleges presents the best online programs.  Learn what makes a good distance course in your field. Top courses by subject – from arts to technology. Good Colleges has 3 annual scholarships: Study Hard, Healthy America and Study Abroad. Cash awards: $2,000 in each category.  Open to current and future students of North American colleges. To enter, submit a 150-250 word essay.

The application deadlines are April 1, 2017, August 1, 2017 and November 1, 2017

Apply at:

The Lawnstarter Lawntrepreneur Scholarship

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship is our way of funding tomorrow’s top entrepreneurs. Maybe you sowed the seeds of your entrepreneurial spirit by starting a lawn care company in high school. Maybe you’re planning on building the next big landscaping company. Either way, if you've got the entrepreneurial bug in you, then we want to help fund your dream. We’re fixing the large and disorganized lawn care industry, and we’re willing to grant $1000 (and instant access to our lawn care software) to any student we believe has the potential to change the world through entrepreneurship. If you are interested in starting your own business, we'd love to hear from you.

The application deadline is rolling each year:  We offer the scholarship to a student each semester. The entry for the Fall semester is May 1st to August 20th and it's open for the Spring semester from August 31st to December 31st

Apply at: 

The Nature Immerse Outdoor Lovers Scholarship

There are many scholarship for students who love sports, arts or music as well as for those who academically achieve their target at schools, colleges and universities. What is more, beyond these fields, the aids in finance are also available for those who love nature and want to be a part of nature.

For students who do outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, water sports, winter sports – this experience and passion can earn them money.

All participants have to submit a 500 – 1000 words on the following topic - “What is your best outdoor recreations' memory?”.

Deadline for submission: Nov 24th, 2017.

Announcement of Results: Dec 22nd 2017.

$2000 Scholarship will be awarded by: Dec 29th 2017.

Apply at:

Glen Lerner Gives Back Community Service Scholarship | Award: $1,000

This scholarship will be awarded to the student whose personal essay best describes their commitment to community service and how their experience has played and will play a role in their academic career. Strong candidates for this award will be able to fully demonstrate their dedication to serving their community, as well as showcase personal examples of community service undertaken even in the face of personal, financial, or legal hardship.

Apply at:

Deadline:  January 31, 2018 via email to

Preszler Injury Lawyers - Triumphing Over Adversity Scholarship | Award: $500

This scholarship will be awarded to the student who demonstrably embodies the determination, ability and steadfast commitment not only to their own personal success, but also to promoting the greater good for those in need. Particularly attractive candidates for the award will have the ability to show examples of laudable community service undertaken even in the midst of personal, legal, financial or systemic societal difficulties with which they have been confronted.

Apply At:

Deadline: January 31, 2018.


Essay Competition Scholarships: 

Several law and other firms are offering $1,000.00 college scholarships to the winners of their essay competitions. See the information in the links below to apply.  Application deadlines are between May 31, 2017 and January 31, 2018 (2017-18 Scholarship)  ($500 scholarship award) ($1,250 Award for 2017-18) (2017-18 Scholarship) ($500 scholarship award) ($500 scholarship award) ($500 scholarship award) ($500 scholarship award) ($1,500 scholarship award) ($2,500 Scholarship award) ($1,500 scholarship award)  ($1,000 scholarship award)   ($1,000 scholarship award)  ($500 scholarship award)  ($1,000 scholarship award)   ($500 scholarship award)  ($500 scholarship award) ($500 scholarship award) ($500 scholarship award) ($1,000 scholarship award) ($1,000 scholarship award)  ($500 scholarship award)  ($1,500 scholarship award)   ($500 scholarship award)

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Recipients of Wilmington University Scholarships are selected without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability unless otherwise stipulated by the donor. The amount of awards is subject to availability of funds. There is no guarantee of award of any scholarship in a given year. Scholarship donors and the Wilmington University reserve the right to modify scholarship criteria at any time.

Outside scholarships are not affiliated with Wilmington University. Please exercise caution when pursuing any outside scholarships. Wilmington University does not affiliate with or endorse any third party scholarship website nor does Wilmington University guarantee or confirm the validity of these scholarships and/or websites.  Use them at your own risk.

Unless otherwise noted, scholarships will be awarded in the form of a tuition/fee waiver. No cash award will be made directly to the recipient(s).