Musical Performers

The Funsters

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Funsters Singer Photo

The Funsters will be featured on stage in the Green and White Ball Room for your listening and dancing pleasure. Guests can dance to the sounds of classic rock n’ roll songs on the special dance floor that has been installed for the occasion.

It would be hard to find a band that generates more fun than The Funsters. That is why they are still entertaining thousands of people after 15 years of playing together. In this ten-piece band there has not been one personnel change in twelve years. That tells the whole story of the secret of The Funsters' success. Not only are these guys great musicians who share a pride in each other's musical abilities, but they are also friends. This spirit and camaraderie on stage is what sets The Funsters apart from other bands offering the same type of musical entertainment.

Funsters Band Photo

Raymond Charles and the Caribbean Authentics

Photo of Raymond Charles

Guests will think that they are in the islands when the steel drums begin to play in the Caribbean Room. The combination of vocals, steel drums, and keyboard provides the authentic island sounds that make the Caribbean Islands a party paradise. “Hey, Mon, welcome to the Green and White Ball.”

Raymond Charles

The Creative Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble Keyboardist Photo

The talented group is inspired by jazz and R&B rhythms reminiscent of the sounds from the 70’s and 80’s and will be a perfect fit for the New Orleans room at the Ball. The Creative Jazz Ensemble has performed for countless audiences in the United States and even traveled to Europe to play their signature jazz with that Bourbon Street feel. It doesn’t have to be Fat Tuesday to enjoy energetic and creative jazz music.

Jazz Ensemble Guitarist Photo

Maya Mariachi

Mariachi Band Playing Photo

Nothing is more fun than the energy of a Mariachi band at a party. The Maya Mariachis are famous for their high-spirited Mexican music with their signature trumpets and guitars. The Maya perform up and down the East coast and you will not want to miss the fun at the Gala in the Southwest Room. Feel welcome to sing along if you know the words.

Mariachi Band Photo

Tim Laushey Trio

Drummer Photo

Tim Laushey is one of the region's most versatile and accomplished musicians performing with his thirty piece Big Band sound down to a Dixie group, or intimate dance ensemble. Tonight he presents his trio with the voice of Paula Johns to take you right to a Las Vegas casino without the hassle of a flight. Paula Johns is an accomplished cabaret singer who is often compared with the great Ella as she works the lyrics with a passion that ignites the emotions of her audiences. She will add the vocals to the Tim Laushey Trio for a perfect lounge sound in the Vegas Room.


Dixicats Band Photo

The Round Tower Irish Band

The Round Tower Irish Band with Pat and Mike Concannon is well known in the Irish community of the region of Philadelphia, Baltimore and the Jersey Shore Irish festivals. Their up-beat authentic sound is a favorite at the Irish Center and the pubs in Delaware County. Each a musician in their own specialty band members will provide a talent in the Irish Pub Room that will make you think that you are back on the "old sod" with an authenticity that will make you one of their legions of fans.


The Round Tower Irish Band

Irish Dancers

Irish Dancers

You will enjoy the addition of our Championship Irish dancers this year as they present their version of River Dance favorites that will have the crowd in a toe tapping mood for sure.


Irish Dancers

Amore Italiano Trio

Carl Granieri performs as a solo or with a full orchestra to the delight of audiences from an Inaugural Ball to the casino showroom. He has expertise as a pianist, vocalist, composer, arranger, producer, and band-Orchestra leader. In his twelve years as Musical Director for the Sands and Showboat Casinos he has backed some of the biggest acts in Atlantis City including Elton John, Tony Bennet, Andrea Bocelli, Aretha Franklin and many others.

His Amore Italiano Trio will be the perfect touch for the Italian room to take you back to Roma with the authentic entertainment experience that you would expect to hear only in Rome. You will think that you are sitting in Villa d’ Roma when you hear the music of this exceptionally talented group.



The classical sounds of the harp will add the perfect background at the gala as you sample goodies from the finest restaurants and specialty food venders from the region. The harpist has a reputation in fine circles of entertainment as an accomplished harpist who performs in a variety of venues providing the complete musical accompaniment for all occasions. You will enjoy the traditional, classical and upbeat selections that this beautiful instrument will provide for gala attendees.

Other Performers

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