Positive MOJO Award Winners

November 2014 Winner

 Karen Sheats

Karen Sheats - Human Resources

Three cheers for Karen Sheats, our November Mojo Award Winner! Karen’s work ethic, dedication and drive to provide excellent service to Wilmington University employees made her a shoo-in for this month’s award. Karen’s coworkers appreciate her lighthearted personality and wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for everything you do, Karen!

October 2014 Winner

Emily Hammer

Emily Hammer - Career Services

Congratulations to Emily Hammer, our October Mojo Award winner! Emily is always willing to help colleagues in and outside of her department making her a priceless asset to the University. Due to her bright ideas on student programming, her wonderful sense of humor and all around positive mojo, Emily is more than deserving of this month’s Mojo Award!

September 2014 Winner

Chris Owens and Susan Genereux

Susan Genereux – Financial Aid &
Chris Owens–Information Technology

Congratulations to Susan Genereux and Chris Owens, our September Mojo Winners! Chris and Susan both have wonderful personalities that make working with them a joy. Their teamwork and tireless effort on a large Financial Aid project affecting our students recently made them shoo-ins for this month’s Mojo Award. Thanks, Susan and Chris!

August 2014 Winner


Denise Drummond – Georgetown

Three cheers for Denise Drummond! Denise exhibits awesomely positive mojo through her unwavering enthusiasm in her work with students and coworkers. Denise’s colleagues appreciate her caring spirit, creativity and positive outlook and truly enjoy working with her. Thank you for all you do, Denise

July 2014 Winner

Lindsay Bannon

Lindsay Bannon - Summer Camp

Summer Camp wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic counselors like Lindsay Bannon. Lindsay’s fun, outgoing personality has made summer great for our future Wildcats. Her co-workers appreciate her team-player mentality and willingness to go the extra mile. Thank you, Lindsay, for making Summer Camp a great success this year!

June 2014 Winner

Ben Tabb

Ben Tabb - New Castle

Three cheers for Ben Tabb, our June Mojo Award winner! Everyone who meets Ben can agree that his outgoing personality and wonderful sense of humor are positive mojo qualities that make him an asset to the Admissions Department and Wilmington University. Thanks for everything you do, Ben!

May 2014 Winner

Dana Abbott-Painter

Dana Abbott-Painter - Georgetown

Congratulations to Dana Abbott-Painter, our May Mojo Award winner! Dana’s upbeat personality and can-do attitude are reasons why her Positive Mojo is off the charts! Her sense of humor and willingness to help her colleagues make Dana a pleasure to work with each day. Thanks for all you do, Dana!

April 2014 Winner

Tom Hurd

Tom Hurd - Wilson Graduate Center

If anyone deserves the Mojo Award, Tom Hurd does! Tom's sense of humor, friendliness and upbeat attitude make him a pleasure to work with, as he is always willing to lend a hand to colleagues and students alike. Tom is a shining example of what it means to have positive mojo! Thanks for all you do, Tom!

March 2014 Winner

Michael Holley

Michael Holley - New Castle

Congratulations to Michael Holley, our March Mojo Award winner! Whether helping students or employees, Michael's stellar customer service skills, upbeat attitude and helpfulness made him a shoo-in as this month's winner. Thanks for all you do, Michael!

February 2014 Winner

Shapan Singh

Shapan Singh - New Castle

Shapan Singh is a shining example of what it means to have positive mojo! Her helpfulness and can-do attitude make working with her a pleasure. We really appreciate everything you do for the university, Shapan!

January 2014 Winner

Lori Marvain

Lori Marvain - Brandywine Site

Three cheers for Lori Marvain! Lori is a shining example of what it means to have positive Mojo! She is always willing to lend a helping hand to her colleagues, as well as students at the Brandywine site. Lori's ever-present smile and fantastic sense of humor made her a shoo-in for this month's Mojo Award winner! Thank you for all you do, Lori!

November 2013 Winner


Janine Crawford - Web Communication

Wilmington University wouldn't be the same without people like Janine Crawford. Janine has been instrumental in executing some major projects at WilmU and the Web Communications Department is grateful for Janine's go-get-'em attitude. Thank you for all you do, Janine!

October 2013 Winner

Greg Postle

Greg Postle - Academic Advising

Let's hear it for Greg Postle from the Registrar's Office. Greg's colleagues applaud his customer service skills with students and appreciate his warm and caring manner with staff. Greg also has a great sense of humor and is always willing to help others. For these reasons and many more, we thank you for rockin' the positive mojo, Greg!


September 2013 Winner

MB Youse

Mary Beth Youse - Online Learning & Ed. Tech.

Mary Beth Youse is most deserving of winning the Mojo Award for the month of September. Mary Beth's colleagues enjoy working with her because she is always so considerate of others and is willing to share her expertise and knowledge with them. Mary Beth's encouragement and positivity made her a shoo-in for this month's Mojo Award. Thanks for all you do, Mary Beth!

August 2013 Winner

Cathy Sing

Cathy Sing - Rehoboth Site

Congratulations to Cathy Sing, who works at our Rehoboth location. Always helpful and reliable, Cathy is a shining example of what it means to have positive mojo!l Her warm personality and willingness to help students, staff and faculty is much appreciated. We appreciate you, Cathy!

July 2013 Winner

Ben James

Ben James - Bookstore

Wilmington University just wouldn't be the same without Ben James, our July Mojo winner! Ben always goes the extra mile to take care of the Campus Store customers, students and employees alike. In addition to going above and beyond in his job, Ben has a not-so-secret talent of performing slight-of-hand tricks that leaves his audiences baffled but smiling! Thanks for all you do for the University, Ben!

June 2013 Winner

Jake McCusker

Jake McCusker - Summer Camp

Let's hear it for Jake McCusker, one of our awesome Summer Camp counselors! Jake was nominated by his coworkers because he has a great way with our Wildcat campers. He always makes the kids laugh and ensures a good time is had by all. Jake continues to be a great asset to the Summer Camp program. Thanks, Jake!

May 2013 Winner

Russ Lichterman, May 2013 Winner

Russ Lichterman - Online Learning & Ed. Tech.

Three cheers for Russ Lichterman, our May Mojo Winner! Russ has been a wonderful addition to Wilmington University and the Wilson Graduate Center, in particular. Always willing to help, Russ lends his stellar technology skills to all those who need his assistance. In addition to his normal duties, Russ does an excellent job on special projects like Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Russ's bright smile and quick-witted sense of humor make him a Mojo winner shoo-in. High five, Russ!

April 2013 Winner

Melissa Jones, April 2013 Winner

Melissa Jones - Dover Site

The Dover site just wouldn't be the same without Melissa Jones, our April Mojo winner. Melissa has done a fantastic job of coordinating and running the new Learning Commons at the Dover site and she is a team player when it comes to helping her coworkers and assisting students. As someone who exudes such awesome Mojo, Melissa is very deserving of being April's winner. Thanks Melissa!

March 2013 Winner

Ann Gibason, March 2013 Winner

Ann Gibason - College of Education - Doctoral

Congratulations to Ann Gibason, our February Mojo winner! Ann's coworkers appreciate her cheerfulness in the workplace and her willingness to go above and beyond her responsibilities. Ann is an inspiration to everyone around her and we are so appreciative of everything she contributes to Wilmington University. Way to go, Ann!

February 2013 Winner

Theresa Carter, February 2013 Winner

Theresa Carter - College of Education

Let's hear it for Theresa Carter, our February Mojo winner! Theresa is always willing to go the extra mile for students and her colleagues, often times coming in early and staying late. Theresa's smile and upbeat personality make the office a bit brighter, making her a shoo-in for winning the coveted golden ticket this month! Thanks for all you do, Theresa!

January 2013 Winners

UIC, January 2013 Winners

University Information Center

Congratulations to the staff in the University Information Center! This team of dynamic, dedicated workers exudes positive mojo each day. The UIC can be a stressful environment that demands efficiency, professionalism and the delivery of accurate information under pressure. The UICers deliver all of this and more on a daily basis and for that, we thank you!

November 2012 Winner

Misty Williams, November 2012 Winner

Misty Williams - Graduate Admissions

Congratulations to Misty Williams, the final winner for 2012! Colleagues are happy to work with Misty, as she is always willing to help. If she doesn't have an immediate answer, Misty goes above and beyond to solve a problem and is consistently a team player. Thanks Misty!

October 2012 Winner

Johnathon Miloro, October 2012 Winner

Johnathon Miloro - Information Technology

Let's give a hand to Johnathon Miloro from the IT Department for exhibiting awesomely positive mojo! Johnathon is always willing to take the time to help solve his colleagues' most puzzling IT problems. Around campus or in the office, Johnathon always has a smile on his face and is the first to say hello. We appreciate you, Johnathon!

September 2012 Winner

Sarah Talmo, September 2012 Winner

Sarah Talmo - UIC

The University Information Center wouldn't be the same without Sarah Talmo's positive mojo! Dedicated to serving students and helping her coworkers, Sarah is a perfect example of what it means to have positive mojo. Thanks Sarah; you rock!

August 2012 Winners

August 2012 Winners

Curtis Evans, Jr., Johnny Jones, Thomas Bailey - Dover Site

Congratulations to Curtis Evans, Jr., Johnny Jones and Thomas Bailey. These three youngsters were happy to lend a hand at the Dover Site this summer and they really made a lasting impression on employees. Thanks for all of your help, fellas!

July 2012 Winner

Adrienne Johnson, July 2012 Winner

Adrienne Johnson - Library

It takes a special person to do what Adrienne Johnson does every day. Never one to get flustered, Adrienne demonstrates patience and enthusiasm when she is helping students and fellow staff members. We are very appreciative of Adrienne and all of the hard work she puts into making working and learning at Wilmington University a great experience. Thanks, Adrienne!

June 2012 Winner

Angelina Burns, June 2012 Winner

Angelina Burns – Admissions

Let's hear it for Angelina Burns! Each day, Angelina comes to work in the Admissions department with a smile on her face. She works hard to make sure our international students have the full WilmU experience. Angelina is always happy to help students and colleagues alike and is a picture perfect example of what it means to have Positive Mojo. Way to go, Angelina!

May 2012 Winner

Mike Nolan, May 2012 Winner

Mike Nolan – Security

Mike Nolan is a shining example of Positive Mojo! Everyone at Wilmington University is so grateful to have such a fantastic Security team that ensures our safety every day. Mike is a very important asset to the team. Thank you for all you do!

April 2012 Winner

Ryan Cerminara, April 2012 Winner

Ryan Cerminara – College of Technology

When you think of Positive Mojo, Ryan Cerminara comes to mind! His reliability, willingness to help others, and quick wit make for a winning combination. We appreciate everything you do, Ryan!

March 2012 Winner

Gary Sedell, March 2012 Winner

Gary Seydell – Academic Advising

Gary Seydell always has a kind word for others and the wonderful gift of being able to empathize with an individual. Thank you for all your hard work, Gary!

February 2012 Winner

Adam Voyton, February 2012 Winner

Adam Voyton – Educational Technology

Adam Voyton was our big winner for February and we know why! He was nominated by numerous people in his area due to his positive spirit at work and willingness to always pitch in to help the team. Thanks for being a team player, Adam!

January 2012 Winner

Maureen Dugan, January 2012 Winner

Maureen Dugan – College of Education

Maureen Dugan rung in the New Year as our first Mojo winner of 2012! No one can doubt Maureen's positive mojo – she is always there to lend a helping hand to those in her College who need it. Thank you Maureen!

November 2011 Winner

Rich Godwin, November 2011 Winner

Rich Godwin– Wilson Graduate Center

From the WGC was our final winner for 2011! Rich is a constant positive presence at the Grad Center, helping staff and students alike. Thank you for everything that you do, Rich!

October 2011 Winner

Curtis Evans, October 2011 Winner

Curtis Evans– Information Technology

A big "Shout Out!" to our latest mojo winner Curtis Evans. With his winning personality and big smile – it is no surprise that we received multiple nominations for Curtis. He is always ready to tackle any problem and answer questions. Thanks for everything you do, Curtis!

September 2011 Winner

Ian Gibason, September 2011 Winner

Ian Gibason – Information Technology

If anyone deserves the September Positive Mojo award, Ian Gibason does! Ian is always ready to help his colleagues with even the most puzzling technological conundrums. Thanks for taking the time to go the extra mile for us, Ian!

August 2011 Winner

Bevin Kelleher, August 2011 Winner

Bevin Kelleher – Student Affairs

To anyone who knows Bevin, it is no surprise that she is our August mojo winner. Whether you are a fellow WU employee or a student, Bevin is always ready to help with a big smile on her face! She is a huge part of creating a fun atmosphere in the Pratt Student Center. Let's give a big round of applause for Bevin - we appreciate everything she does to make our students experiences here at WU the very best!

July 2011 Winner

Robin Angelucci, July 2011 Winner

Robin Angelucci - Financial Affairs

Robin is our Mojo winner for the month of July!  She is always ready with a big smile and a helping hand to anyone who needs it.  It is no wonder that she is this month's winner.  Robin, thank you for everything that you do – we appreciate your positive spirit!

June 2011 Winner

Catherine Russo - Academic Advising

Catherine was our winner for June Mojo, which should come as no surprise to those that know her! She is always there with a big smile and a friendly "Hello!" to our students. Catherine is a great example of positive spirit here at Wilmington University because she always goes above and beyond the call of duty! Congrats, Catherine!

May 2011 Winner

Cynthia Riley, May 2011 Winner

Cynthia Riley - UIC

Our May winner was none other than Cynthia Riley from the UIC. No matter who she comes in contact with, she is always ready to lend a helping hand to both students and staff alike. Her bright smile and cheerful attitude made her a shoo-in as the Mojo winner. A big "Shout Out" to Cynthia, thank you for everything you do!

April 2011 Winner

Kim Boone, April 2011 Winner

Kim Boone - Wilson Graduate Center

With Kim's winning attitude, it should come as no surprise that she was a multiple time nominee for our Mojo award. With over 30 glowing nominations, we were more than happy to recognize Kim as the April Mojo winner. Thanks for everything you do, Kim!

March 2011 Winner

Irene Lawhorn, March 2011 Winner

Irene Lawhorn - College of Arts & Science

Ok – everyone stand up and cheer! Spring is coming and our March Mojo winner has been recognized. Irene Lawhorn totally deserves this high honor. Why, you ask? Well…she is a team player, always ready with encouraging words, and an award-winning smile. That's why we say – thank you for everything you do, Irene!

February 2011 Winner

Shannon Michelinie, February 2011 Winner

Shannon Michelinie - Registrar's Office

The February snow and cold temps made us all chilly; thankfully our February Mojo Winner warmed our hearts! Shannon Michelinie clinched the title with her winning attitude and can-do character. It's no wonder we received multiple nominations for her! Three cheers for Shannon!

January 2011 Winner

Dennis Huffman, January 2011 Winner

Dennis Huffman - Rehoboth Site

We kicked off the new year by naming our first Mojo winner, Dennis Huffman from our Rehoboth campus! Dennis gets a big Funster shout-out for bringing his A-game to work every day! His non-stop pleasant demeanor, no matter what the day brings his way, makes him totally deserving of the recognition and kudos!

November 2010 Winner

Drew Cline, November 2010 Winner

Drew Cline- Classroom Technology

Drew Cline is the go-to guy for all things involving classroom technology! That's a big job for anyone and Drew manages to do it with a smile, no matter the issue. Always just a phone call away, Drew deserves an award for sure – and quite possibly a super-hero style cape!