Library Database Off-Campus Link Creator

Faculty and students can use this tool to create a link to a Library database article that is accessible off-campus.

  1. To use the Link Creator, simply copy the Permalink for the article (if provided) or the URL from your browser's address bar. Then paste the address into the text-box below labeled: Your Library Database Link.
  2. Click the Create Link button and then copy the new URL from the second text-box below labeled:
    New Link for Off-Campus.
  3. The new URL can be used in Blackboard, or any other external resource where a hyperlink can be provided.

Your Library Database Link

New Link for Off-Campus

  1. Single-click within the text-box above to select the entire URL
  2. Use Ctrl-C to copy the URL
  3. Use Ctrl-V to paste the URL into Blackboard or other external resources

Note: Most databases provide a "Permalink" to articles. If the database you are using offers any type of direct URL to an article, always be sure to use that URL instead of what is in your browser's address bar.

Articles from EBSCOhost and ProQuest: The Link Creator does not need to be used for articles from these databases. The complete address is already provided and it is ready to be used.