Testimonial Video Request

You will be responsible for creating a script for the Testimonial Video. Ideally a video will be between 1 – 2 minutes in length – any longer will not likely keep viewer’s attention. Once you write the script, read it out loud. Because people write differently then they speak, this will allow you to modify the script to sound more natural.

Make sure you will feel comfortable memorizing the script and repeating it on camera. Please note that you are welcome to customize the wording of the script to your liking.

Testimonial Videos may be filmed on location at your office or at the Wilson Graduate Center.

Following your video shoot, we will edit the footage and upload it to a video hosting site. This process will take 1 - 2 weeks. Once your video is ready, we will send you instructions on how to embed your video into your Blackboard course or a website. Closed captioning can be provided for ADA compliance if necessary.

Please complete the form below to be contact by the Multimedia department to set up a specific date and time for your appointment.