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Wilmington University Students Participate in 48-Hour Film Festival

It was 48-hours of intensity: coming up with a plot, writing the script, shooting the movie, scoring and editing the final product, and all while the clock was ticking down. This was the experience for sixteen Wilmington University students who participated in the annual 48-Hour Film Festival this month.

Beginning the weekend of November 4, 2011, the University’s College of Technology, along with the Digital Film Makers Club, hosted the second annual 48-Hour Film Festival. During the festival, five teams raced to complete a film within a 48-hour time frame.

The 16 participants met at 5 p.m. on Friday, November 4 with College of Technology adjunct instructor Scott Shaw, who explained the guidelines of the festival. He pointed out how each team was required to show a shot of the Wilmington University bell tower, use a head of lettuce as a primary role in the film, aim for a run time of between five and eight minutes, and randomly pick the genre for their film by pulling it out of a hat.

Teams had until 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 6 to complete and turn in their projects. Over the weekend, a room in the Peoples building was kept open for a full 24-hours for editing and post-production. Adjunct instructors Marcel Franck, Russ Lichterman and Scott Shaw took shifts staying on the campus to ensure proper coverage for the students. It was a long weekend, and lots of coffee was involved, but they got through it.

The four teams to complete the 48-Hour Film Festival challenge were:

·      Team with their film ‘Let Us Be’

·      Mystery Team with their film ‘Lettuce Pray’

·      We Are The Champions with their film ‘One’

·      JFINTV Productions with their film ‘WilmU Slasher’

On November 19, the students had the chance to show off their final products when the College of Technology hosted a public viewing and judging of the four completed films. The judging panel consisted of Stephanie “Susie Filmmaker” Yuhas, an award-winning filmmaker whose work has been screened at dozens of international film festivals; Steve Gonzer, who created, directed and produced the documentary film “No Denying: Delawareans Bear Witness to the Holocaust”; and John Mussoni, who has over 25 years of television experience in the Philadelphia TV market, including WCAU, WTXF and WHYY.

After the screening each team, led by captains Kyle Leaverton, James Finn, Catherine White and Kimberly Wilkinson, gave a questionnaire to the judges, along with a private ballot to each attendee so they could decide on an “Audience Pick.” The grand winners of the evening were team “Team” let by Media Design senior Kimberly Wilkinson. The team won both the Judges Award and the Audience Pick.

Team “Team” consisted of Kimberly Wilkinson, Jeffrey Jarrel, Ryan Cerminara, Brittany Wright and Errol Ebanks. Their entry to the festival, titled, “Let Us Be,” portrayed a couple who entered an unusual love triangle as lead actor, Jeff Jarrell, found himself falling for a head of lettuce. This romantic-comedy-thriller engaged the audience and left you feeling sympathetic for Jeff and his new love interest, “Caesar.”

Congratulations to team “Team” and all of the participants in the 48-Hour Film Festival!

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Published: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - New Castle, DE