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Nicole S. Rowe
Administrative Assistant, Public Relations
320 DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720

Student Body Grows to 15,000

Personalized Education Remains the Same

Officials reported this week that student enrollment at Wilmington University has exceeded 15,000 students. The institution that was founded in 1968 now has 13 locations in three states: Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. Administrators say the rise can be attributed to affordable tuition rates and personalized attention for each student.  

Dr. Jack Varsalona, Wilmington University President, although proud of the achievement, chooses not to focus on numbers. “We never want to get so wrapped up in numbers that we forget what it is all about: the students,” he said. “Part of the reason our enrollment has grown so rapidly is because we try not to lose sight of this. Our students crave that personal attention and that’s why we maintain an average class size of 17 students.”

Wilmington University offers over thirty undergraduate degrees, twenty graduate degrees and three doctoral degrees. In 2007, the University began offering online degrees, which have become a popular choice for busy professionals. All the while the University’s faculty and staff have continued to maintain a personal connection with each student. It does this by keeping class sizes small, employing faculty who are practitioners in the fields in which they teach, and creating a sense of community. But above all the University has remained committed to putting the student first.

With 15,000 students and an alumni group of 33,000 strong, Wilmington University is set to make its mark in Delaware history.

“None of this could be possible without a wonderful faculty, staff and alumni,” said Dr. Varsalona. “But I am even more proud of the students who choose to attend Wilmington University; for it is their decision that ultimately attributes to our success.”

Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - New Castle, DE