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Wilmington University Launches Blackboard Community Engagement

Wilmington University recently implemented the Blackboard Community Engagement module. This powerful module enables University groups, committees, cohorts and clubs to have a virtual meeting space called a Blackboard Organization. These collaboration spaces will be familiar to users since they are modeled after the course environment used every day in Blackboard-enhanced courses. Students and faculty will be able to access any Blackboard organizations in which they are enrolled from anywhere they can access the World-Wide Web.

“Through the additional tools in Community Engagement, the Blackboard Learn solution goes well beyond online teaching and learning," said Sallie Reissman, Senior Director of Online Learning and Educational Technology at Wilmington University. "Blackboard Organizations give participants the opportunity to make new friends and interact with other students, faculty and staff in a relaxed atmosphere." 

Some Blackboard Organizations will remain accessible only by invitation from the organization’s leader. However, the Online Learning and Educational Technology Department, in collaboration with the Student Life Department, is proud to introduce 5 Blackboard Organizations for student clubs that all students can join:    

  • Student Government Association - SGA
    Get involved in student events on campus and make a positive impact on the community.
  • Game Forge
    Interact and make connections with other students that share an interest in Game Design and Development.
  • The Green Team
    Collaborate with people that share an interest in the environment and raising awareness on campus, at home, and in the community.
  • The Multicultural Club
    Foster and enrich your awareness of diverse cultures.
  • Digital Film Making Club
    Interact and make connections with other students that share an interest in Digital Film-Making.

Students must enroll into an organization in order to access it within Blackboard. This can be done by logging to Blackboard, clicking on the Organizations Tab, then following "Directions to Self-Enroll in a Public Organization."

Dr. Regina Allen-Sharpe, Senior Director of Student Life and Career Services, underscored the value of this application. “Blackboard Organizations will provide a quick and easy way for WilmU groups to collaborate and communicate with others on campus," she said.  "It will also enable our online students to get involved in student activities and develop relationships with other students.”

Other student clubs and organizations are in the process of setting up within Blackboard Organization. These will be available at the start of the Spring Semester, 2013.

For more information about Blackboard Organizations, go to:

Published: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - New Castle, DE