News Release

Elizabeth Watkins
Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources
47 Reads Way
New Castle, DE 19720

Santa's Little Helpers Spread Holiday Cheer With Cash Cubicle!

Wilmington University employees received an early gift this holiday season: a visit from Santa's #1 elf, Nat Measley!  Nat and Krystal, our whacky Funsters from the Fun Dept. stopped by the New Castle Campus Store, University Information Center, the Student Payment and Registrar's offices to give employees a chance to win extra holiday shopping money.  Nat asked participants to make up the 12 Days of Christmas on the spot.  Meghan Carney and the awesome UIC staff included five transcript requests, while Camille Fawcett and Paulette Francis sang about giant elves.  At the Campus Store, ambushed customers and employees crooned about WilmU sweatshirts and blankets.  Participants who completed the rewritten 12 Days were rewarded with $2 bills.

Afterwards, employees expressed their gratitude for the visit from the North Pole dwellers.  Shannon Riley of the UIC said, "We had a lot of fun.  It brought me out of the office and I had fun joining in!"  Shannon Michelinie agreed, adding, "Who knew Sandy Andrew had a side career as a backup singer!  We were laughing for the rest of the day!"

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Cash Cubicle; you never know when or where the Fun Department will appear!

Published: Monday, December 10, 2012 - New Castle, DE