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Student Alumni Spotlight

Keith Barrow is Banking on Success

            Engaged in conversation with Keith Barrow, a Wilmington University graduate student, one cannot help but get the impression that they are talking to a young professional with a bright future.  His humility, and the ease with which he carries his side of the conversation reveal that he is one who knows the value, not only of a quality education, but also the power of effective networking.  He speaks with purpose, but more importantly, he listens with genuine interest.  Keith is going places, and he credits Wilmington University and the Student Alumni Association with helping him on his way.        

            Keith, who received his bachelors degree from Wilmington University, is currently pursuing a MBA with a concentration in Finance.  He says that it is his desire to put the education he gains to work in the banking industry; eventually earning a career as a credit analyst. The education that Keith is acquiring is not limited to the classroom.   He is also developing himself professionally by taking advantage of the extra curricular leadership training and volunteer opportunities offered by the University’s Student Alumni Association.          

            Keith shares his appreciation for the Student Alumni Association, but when he is asked about how he initially got involved, he candidly recalls that he first attended an event in an attempt to win a free Apple iPad.  He then shares with a smile that while he did not win the iPad, he did gain something even better, a deeper connection to a great University and an ever increasing network of dynamic alums.

Published: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - New Castle, DE