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Georgetown Graduation - A Night to Remember

Congratulations to Our Newest Alumni!

The air was charged Wednesday night, May 22nd as the graduates of Wilmington University’s "Class of 2013" prepared to be honored for their academic accomplishments.  The grounds of the Georgetown campus were buzzing with activity, as friends and families found their seats, the staff made last minute preparations, and the faculty donned their ceremonial robes in what was sure to be a night not soon forgotten.  The weather was perfect, the music was playing, and the event was about to begin; the moment these scholars have been working tirelessly towards was finally at hand. 

Whether the student was graduating with an undergraduate or graduate degree, one truth was universal, a major accomplishment had been achieved, and new possibilities loomed on the horizon.  For some like John Scott,
B.S. Behavioral Science, these new possibilities include a potential career in law enforcement or possibly juvenile crisis counseling.  For others like Tammy Bolen, B.S. General Studies,  these possibilities include promotion within the organization where she is currently employed.  Still others view their degree completion, not as a tool for career advancement, but as an accomplishment of personal enrichment - finding great value in the education itself.  No matter what the motivation was, the price has been paid, and the honor of conferral has been earned.  Those who came to the University as students with determination and hope are now leaving their programs as alumni with skills and personal connections that will propel them into their futures equipped for success.  

While this was definitely a night of celebration, one could also detect a slight air of quiet nostalgia.  Students could be overheard sharing memories and reflections about favorite classes and instructors while fixing each others academic hoods to make sure that they were just right for the big moment. When asked about what was the most meaningful aspect of Wilmington University to her, Nichole Seigler said it was the willingness of the professors to take the extra time needed to support the students when required.  She said that she found the University to be a very supportive place to learn, and she recommends the institution to all she encounters.  Chris Moore , M.B.A. Organizational Leadership,  shared that his experience has “prepared him for new challenges and new opportunities."  With the endorsement of such a distinguished group of educators behind him, he is guaranteed to be proven right. 

The time has come for the graduates to reap the fruits of their labor.  The moment of reflection and commemoration has arrived.  Enjoy it "Class of 2013" - because the world awaits...  Go and change it while proudly waving the flag of a Wilmington University Alumni.

Published: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - New Castle, DE