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Anah Galloway - A Heart for People

Anah Galloway is a people person. She enjoys working and socializing with people, but most of all she loves helping people. She has a heart that beats for others, and it is this passion that has driven her to pursue a career in counseling psychology.

Anah, currently a senior at Wilmington University, said that she discovered her ability to deal effectively with people while working as a server at a local restaurant. She loves the satisfaction that comes from helping resolve guests issues through patience and empathy, and she desires to help people for the rest of her professional career.

This inspiring young lady is not only preparing for her career through diligence in the classroom but also through involvement in extracurricular organizations such as Student Government and the Student Alumni Association. Actually, it was the possibility of involvement in these organizations which caused Anah to decide to spend her entire undergraduate experience at WilmU. She said that she knew she enjoyed the classes, but once she saw the many opportunities available for participation and leadership development she knew that this was where she wanted to stay.

Speaking of involvement, not only is Anah soon to become next year’s Student Government President, but she is also a key volunteer for the Student Alumni Association. Anah has offered her assistance in many events including the Polar Bear Plunge, New Jersey’s Wine Tasting, and the 2012 Homecoming festivities.

She is quite the spokesperson for the Alumni Association, saying that it is a great way for students, both traditional and non-traditional, to become involved with their school. Anah also credits the Student Alumni Association with teaching her the importance of networking. She said that when she was a freshman, and was first introduced to the Association, she did not think that she needed to network. She just wanted to socialize and be connected to her classmates. She became active in the organization because she loved the environment and really enjoyed the experience. She did not realize that, in the midst of all the fun, she was actually learning how to network. “Networking snuck up on me!” Anah said that the Student Alumni Association truly lives up to the statement, “It’s like a Party with a Purpose!”

Whether it is what she learns in the classroom, the networks she creates, or a combination of both that prepares Anah for her future, one thing is for certain; Anah Galloway is going to help a lot of people, and we are glad to have been with her along the way.

Published: Monday, June 24, 2013 - New Castle, DE