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320 DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720

Madelynn Burns is Managing for Growth

The Heart and Vision of an Alumni Association Chapter Chair

Madelynn Burns loves Wilmington University, and it shows! 

Even before she graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, she knew that she had found an institution worth staying connected to.  She shares that she was immediately drawn to the school’s welcoming and accommodating atmosphere. Madelynn said that she “loved how well the professors were able to relate to her, and how well the students related with one another.” This personal touch made the difference, and it is a good thing it did, because Madelynn has been a huge asset to the WilmU Alumni Association since 2010.

Madelynn’s relationship with the Alumni Association started when she decided to volunteer at a graduation ceremony.  She said that it was like the air was charged with hope. She said that she loves being a part of the graduation ceremony so much, that she actually tears up during the opening bars of Pomp and Circumstance. This passion for student success and alumni connections has driven her to give generously of her time and service to the University, now serving as the Chairperson for the New Castle Chapter of the WilmU Alumni Association.

When asked about her vision for the New Castle County Chapter in the coming year, Madelynn stated, “I want to see continued growth, expansion, and development in the Chapter.” She mentioned the fact that there has already been significant growth in the organization, and she is committed to seeing that trend continue. That commitment is also paired with a quality Wilmington University education, and real world experience as a Business Technology Integration Consultant for Bank of America, giving this leader the qualifications needed to facilitate genuine results. 

The New Castle County Chapter is in wonderful hands…

… capable hands that happen to be connected to a heart full of love for the Wilmington University Family.

Published: Monday, September 23, 2013 - New Castle, DE