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Wilmington University’s Doctor of Business Administration Students Appear on Radio Talk Show

A year and a half ago Wilmington University launched the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, a program designed to build critical thinking skills and help students discover new solutions to practical problems. Since then the University has welcomed four DBA groups each filled with interesting, unique and well-accomplished individuals. These students, all of whom have an array of qualifications under their belts, are enhancing their knowledge of the business world as well as discovering new and innovative ways to become business leaders, educators and mentors.

Dr. Ruth Norman, Coordinator of the Doctor of Business Administration program says the program is relevant in the current economy because there seems to be a dire need for successful business leaders who can think outside the box. “DBA students can pursue new solutions to problems faced in the business world through conducting original research, and then applying these new problem solving skills in their workplaces and professional organizations,” says Dr. Norman, “The program isn’t just another credential; it is a degree designed for immediate use in the business world.”

As the program has continued to grow, more and more people have inquired about it. One of these inquiries was a man by the name of Mark Fowser, Program Director and Anchor of Delaware This Morning, a radio show on WILM News Radio. He sat down for an interview with Dr. Ruth Norman along with two DBA students: Christina Greloch and John Molster. Within the interview Dr. Norman explains more about the DBA program, how it came to being, the curriculum and more. DBA students Christina Greloch and John Molster share their experiences as DBA students, why they chose the program and what they have liked about the program so far. As business leaders and students of a cutting-edge business program, Greloch and Molster also give their insights on the current economy and innovative solutions to the current state of business.

To hear the full WILM interview about the Doctor of Business Administration Program click here.

Published: Thursday, June 25, 2009 - New Castle, DE