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Meet Pat Burrell – Kent County Alumni Association Co-Chair

A Leader with the Heart of a Wildcat

When talking to Pat Burrell, it does not take long to discover that she loves Wilmington University! She loves her alma mater so much that she is currently involved in a number of aspects of the University including; teaching as an adjunct professor, sitting on panels and workgroups that influence initiatives, like the creation of a mandatory Critical Thinking course (a requirement for all WilmU undergraduate students), and serving as an Alumni Association Chapter Chair for the Kent/Sussex County Chapter.  All of this is in addition to a very successful career with the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services -Division for the Visually Impaired.  Mrs. Burrell credits the excellent educational experience that she had at Wilmington University for preparing her for many professional roles and accomplishments.  Pat graduated from WilmU in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science.  She then continued her education at the school to earn a Master of Science degree in 2005.

When asked about how she became involved in the WilmU Alumni Association she said that it all started with the wonderful experience she had at the University.  She said that she was really drawn into the WilmU community by the innovative atmosphere and quality of the professors and administration.  She said, “I found the school to be very forward-thinking.  The faculty and administration were always open to listen to the students, explore new possibilities, and communicate a strong vision for the future.  This attitude caused the institution to consistently stay relevant in the many fields and areas of studies represented.”  Pat was very sensitive to subject matter relevance because, with over twenty-years of work history with the Delaware Department of Labor, she understood employment trends, and what the area’s employers were looking for.  “Wilmington University is preparing individuals for the work force.”

Once Pat graduated from WilmU, she knew that she wanted to stay connected – so she did!  She started looking for ways to stay involved with her school, and that search led her to many alumni events.  She said that she would show up to enjoy an alumni sponsored event, and while she was there she would simply offer to help out where she could.  This willingness to serve was quickly noticed by the Alumni Relations Department leadership, and she was soon offered the position of a chapter chair in the rapidly growing organization.  Since that time she has witnessed many changes as the Alumni Association has continued to mature and develop.  She says that she loves where she is and believes that continued growth is inevitable.  And with leaders with a passion like Pats, we have tendency to agree!

Published: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - New Castle, DE