Wilmington University is Paperless!

Digital Documents

Wilmington University no longer sends paper grade reports or paper billing statements to you via postal mail.

You can now view and print your grade reports and billing statements using WebCampus.

Why does WU Do This?

  • Faster Delivery. Previously, you had to wait until all instructors in all grades before WU could send you a paper grade report. Now, your grade(s) will be available on WebCampus to view and print as soon as your instructor submits them. Faster delivery of your billing statements give you more time and notice for payment due.
  • Increased Accuracy. Electronic delivery allows for up-to-the-minute reporting of your most current records. Paper delivery could mean that your information is out of date by the time it gets to your home.
  • It's Green. Reducing paper mailing is better for the environment because it reduces consumption of natural resources and reduces pollution.

How Will I Get My Grades?

  1. After your class ends, log on to WebCampus.
  2. Choose Registrar > Records > Grades from the menu.
  3. To print your official grade report, click the printer-friendly icon Printer Friendly Icon
    (acceptable for employer reimbursement).
  4. For more information about your grade report, visit Grade Reporting.

How Will I Get My Bills?

  1. Check your WilmU E-mail often.
  2. On the 1st of each month, you will receive an e-mail notice alerting you that your billing statement is ready if you have an outstanding balance on your student account.
  3. Log on to WebCampus.
  4. Choose Financial > Billing Ledger from the menu.
  5. To print your official billing statement, click the printer-friendly icon Printer Friendly Icon
    (acceptable as an official record of your tuition and fees due and/or payments made).
  6. For more information about the payment plan and due dates, visit Payment Plans.