Writing Resources

Take advantage of some resources that may help you improve your writing skills. Learn the APA format, view the guidelines in which a paper is graded, and become informed of the trappings of plagiarism. Along with Wilmington University's own resources, below you will also find valuable writing tools from other institutions and organizations.

Writing Resources

OWL(The Purdue Online Writing Lab)

Find a plethora of writing resources on Purdue University's website.

Proofreading Tips

Another resource on the OWL website, this resource may help you review your work more thoroughly.

Grammar Resources

Online Guide to Grammar and Writing

A grammar resource that ranges from word, sentence, paragraph, and research paper level instruction.


(Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar) tutorial on how to add Mugs to your Blackboard site

Research, Plagiarism, and APA Resources

Wilmington University Quick Guide to APA Style

Need to brush up on how to write an APA formatted paper, or never learned the APA format at all? This guide will help you get started.

APA Paper Template

Use this Microsoft Word Template as a jumping off point for your next research paper.

APA Style Sample Paper

Use this Microsoft Word sample paper as a jumping off point for your next research paper.

APA Libguides

Additional resources for APA formatting and citation

Landmark Citations

Use this citation generator to properly cite resources for your next research paper.

Plagiarism and APA

Download this PDF document that covers plagiarism, APA writing, and some very useful writing tools.


Collect, Research, Cite, and Organize your references using this online web application.

Graduate Writing Resource

This site is not just for Graduate students, it addresses common problems that all research writers face.

Electronic Reference Formats

This site provides formatting directions for referencing electronic sources in specific subjects such as history, science, social science, etc.

Math and Science Resources

Khan Academy

This site provides an extensive video library, practice exercises, and assessments for most mathematical subjects and science topics.

Purple Math

This site helps students gain an understanding and build self-confidence in algebra by providing free online tutoring and lessons, quizzes and worksheets; along with other useful sites and services.