Student Refunds

Wilmington University has partnered with BankMobile to offer more options and faster access to your refunds.

bank mobile

Refund Options

BankMobile provides you with the following options for your refund:

  • Direct deposit of your refund into a bank account of your choice.
  • Paper check sent via U.S. Mail.
  • A BankMobile debit account where you can make purchases or get cash with your refund money.

Summer 2017

Term Your First Class BeginsFirst Pending Refund Date
Summer 2017 Semester & Block I June 22, 2017
Summer 2017 Block II
(If you are starting classes Block II and later)
July 27, 2017

All students must choose a refund option using the Personal Code even if you don't wish to use the debit account. (see steps Below). Any refunds due to students will use this method, including:

  • Financial Aid refunds (see Financial Aid refund policy)
  • Tuition refunds (from dropping or modifying your courses)
  • Any other money due to you from WilmU

Activate Your Refund Preference Now!

  1. Look for your Refund Selection Kit in the mail.
    • As soon as you have completed your first course registration, Wilmington University and BankMobile will create your Personal Code. The Refund Selection Kit will be mailed to the mailing address that you provided when you first register at WilmU.
  2. Activate your refund preference.
    • Even if you are not currently expecting a refund from WilmU, we may have a refund for you. So, don't delay! Here's how to get started in selecting your refund preference:
      1. Visit and enter your Personal Code to get started.
      2. Enter the requested information and select your refund preference. Choosing an Easy Refund is the fastest refund option.