Tuition & Fees for 2012–2013

Tuition and fees are payable and due at registration. Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards are accepted forms of payment. A student payment plan is available for a small fee each semester. Specific questions about payment procedures that are not answered in the University catalog should be referred to Student Financial Services at (302) 356-6955.

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Questions? Contact the University Information Center.


Undergraduate Tuition

Location per 1 credit hour
New Castle $322.00
Middletown $322.00
Brandywine $322.00
Dover $277.00
Georgetown/Rehoboth $265.00
Dover Air Force Base and DE active duty military see below*
Burlington $334.00
Cumberland $334.00
Salem $334.00
McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst $250.00
Cecil $322.00
Online & Distance Learning $322.00
Online Learning for active duty military $250.00

Graduate Tuition

Location per 1 credit hour
New Castle $414.00
Middletown $414.00
Brandywine $414.00
Dover $414.00
Georgetown $414.00
Dover Air Force Base see below*
Burlington $427.00
Cumberland $427.00
McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst $300.00
Online & Distance Learning $414.00

Doctoral Tuition

Location per 1 credit hour
All Locations/Formats $547.00


Type per 1 credit hour
Audit — Undergraduate *Specific to site location rate
Audit — Graduate $414.00

Directed Study/Internship

Type per 1 credit hour
Undergraduate Directed Study/Internship *Specific to site location rate
Graduate Directed Study/Internship $414.00
Doctoral Directed Study/Internship $547.00

Credit for Prior Learning

Item per 1 credit hour
Challenge-by-Exam *Specific to site location rate
Undergraduate Prior Learning Assessment $123.00
Graduate Prior Learning Assessment $158.00

*Dover Air Force Base and DE Active Duty Military

Dover Air Force Base military personnel and active duty military personnel stationed in Delaware should call the Dover Air Force Base site at (302) 674-8726. This rate applies only to on-location and hybrid courses. See Undergraduate Online Learning Military Rate below.

Undergraduate Online Learning Military Rate

All active duty military personnel can take Wilmington University undergraduate online [DIS] courses for $250 per credit hour (does not include hybrid [HYB] courses). This does not affect the tuition rate for active duty military members stationed in Delaware which will remain at the Dover AFB rate. This discount does not apply to guard, reserves, spouses and dependents.

Courses with Reduced Tuition

The following courses have a special reduced tuition rate. The cost listed is the total tuition for the course, not a per-credit rate.

Course Total Tuition
BAC 190 $462.00
DBA 9004 $821.00
EDC 100 $125.00
EDD 6102 $125.00
EDU 102 $125.00
EDU320,321,322 $ 40.00
ENG 095 $ 40.00
HRM 190 $462.00
MAT 095 $ 40.00
MED 5000 $ 40.00
MED 6102 $125.00
MRD 300 $ 40.00

Fees (Non-Refundable)

Item Fee
Application Fee $35.00
Registration Fee (per semester) $25.00
Late Registration Fee (added to registration fee) $30.00
Payment Plan Fee $20.00
Graduation Fee $100.00
Late Graduation Fee (added to graduation fee) $50.00
Transcript Request Fee $5.00
Returned Check Fee (including on-line payment) $35.00

At Registration, students may either pay tuition in full or choose the student payment plan. Students receiving Financial Aid should elect the payment plan option. The University reserves the right to withhold transcript or diploma from any student who has outstanding financial obligations.

Laboratory and Course Fees

The following courses have laboratory or course fees. These fees are in addition to tuition fees.

Course Fee
ECE 216 $100.00
ECE 450 $100.00
EDU 450 or 451 (per course) $100.00
HUM302 $ 85.00
HUM 307 $160.00
HUM410,411 $ 85.00
MAS 8801 $100.00
MCC 7905 $300.00
MCC 8000,8001,8002,8003 $300.00
MEC 7600 $100.00
MEC 8000,8001,8002,8003 $100.00
MEC 7781,7782 $100.00
MED 8900,8901 $100.00
MEE 8801 $100.00
MHC 6401,6402 $150.00
MHC 6505 $150.00
MSE 8802 $100.00
MSN 5100 $ 55.00
MSN7701,7702,7704,7705,7707,7708,7709 $ 80.00
MSN8101,8102,8103,8104 $100.00
MSN8110,8111 $ 100.00
MSN8330,8331 $100.00