Wilmington University is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA Division II) and competes in eleven major sports: baseball, basketball, soccer, cross-country, and golf for men and basketball, soccer, cross-country, softball, volleyball, and lacrosse for women. Wilmington University also has a cheerleading team who perform at basketball games, compete in local/national competitions and can be seen at many other campus and community events.

Athletic prowess on the field and court continues to be a significant Wilmington University achievement. Wilmington University continues to provide our student athletes the opportunity to play a very competitive schedule while maintaining our small college atmosphere. The balance between academics and athletics is an important component to our students' educational experience as it instills the necessary skills for success: commitment, time-management and hard work.

Physical Examination

All participating athletes must have an annual physical examination and submit the results to the Athletic Director. No athlete will be able to participate in either practice or games without medical certification and approval.

Drug-Testing of Student Athletes

Wilmington University is concerned with the health, safety, and welfare of the student-athletes who participate in its programs and represent the University in competitive athletics. Substance abuse is one of the most important issues facing athletes and society today. The use of illegal drugs, misuse of legal drugs and supplements, use of performance-enhancing substances, use of alcohol and inappropriate use of tobacco are completely inconsistent with the standards expected of Wilmington University student-athlete’s health and negatively affect his or her academic and athletic performance. It can also compromise the integrity of athletic competition and the ideals of the University.

All student athletes at Wilmington University must sign the NCAA Drug-testing Consent form prior to competition. In addition, student-athletes are required to participate in a drug education program and a random drug-testing program. The list of NCAA banned substances will be provided to each student-athlete.

Substance Abuse

Wilmington University Prohibits the use of any illegal substance. A Substance Awareness Program is available for all Wilmington University students.

Academic Probation: Penalties

Any athlete who is on academic probation will:

  1. Be unable to participate in athletic programs.
  2. Be limited to 12 credit hours a semester.
  3. Lose his/her athletic scholarship.

All penalties are lifted when the athlete, by his/her progress, is removed from academic probation.