We are passionate about making our students’ college experience a positive one and are committed to consistently improving services to ensure programs are at the highest quality possible and which meets our diverse students’ needs.

Student Center

Wilmington University Student Center

The Student Center is the newest gathering place for the campus community, offering social co-curricular and cultural activities that enhance individual growth and stimulate discussion.

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Health & Wellness Services

Annual Events on Campus

Our goal is to create an environment that promotes good health for students that supports academic success, productivity, and positive healthy behaviors. Student Life provides many health and wellness resources for the campus community.

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Clubs & Organizations

Join a Student Organization or start a new one!

Academics are key, but participating in student organizations and special activities on campus will also promote student learning and enhance your overall college experience. So, get involved, join an existing club or start your own.

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Annual Student Life Activities

Annual Events on Campus

Each year Student Life hosts a series of events and activities both on and off campus. These events give students an opportunity to connect with other students, exchange ideas and simply to just have fun.

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