College of Health Professions Background Check and Drug Screen Policy

All nursing and health science students are required to satisfactorily complete a criminal background check and drug screen in order to promote the highest level of integrity in health care services; meet requirements of community/ clinical facilities and contractual agreements; and avoid delays in placement. Students are mandated to complete these requirements through the designated provider. Results from any other company will not be accepted. Students are responsible for payment of any and all fees related to the background check and drug screen.

The background check and drug screen must be completed prior to attending community/ clinical sites for undergraduate nursing and health science students, and on admission for graduate Nurse Practitioner and graduate Leadership students. Students will not be permitted to participate in specific courses and may be unable to complete the nursing or health sciences program under the following conditions: refusing to complete a background check and drug screen through our designated provider; having positive findings on the background check and/or drug screen that are not resolved following review by the College of Health Professions and/ or a credentialing body as a result of the positive findings on the background check or drug screen.