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If you would like assistance in finding a compatible roommate, please complete the following information. After roommate search forms have been collected from other students, The Office of Student Affairs will send you a list of others students looking for a roommate who share similar interests. Please keep us informed of any change in your plans.


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As a service to Wilmington University students, the University provides the opportunity for individuals, companies, and firms to publicize available off-campus housing. Although the University reviews all information posted, there may be changes or deletions without notice. The University reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to edit listings and refuse those listings it deems inappropriate for this service or which do not support the University policies on non-discrimination.

The University does not investigate, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of any listing referrals, the quality of the facility listed, or the listed individuals, companies, or firms. The University does not investigate, endorse, or guarantee suitability of those responding to the listings. Therefore, users of off-campus housing are highly recommended by the University to conduct a thorough research of the property and lease interest. Users of this service communicate and contract with each other individually and at their own risk. Also, by completing the roommate search form you give the University permission to release the information to other Wilmington University students. The University disclaims any and all responsibility for problems which may arise with regard to rental units or disputes between tenants and landlords.