Student of the Block

Fall I: Marcus Fawra


Marcus is currently a senior at Wilmington University with a GPA of 3.3. He is majoring in Multimedia Design with a planned graduation date of May 2016. After graduation, Marcus hopes to find a job in the graphic design field. Marcus is a very active student on campus and is currently holds the position of Secretary of the Game Club. Additionally, Marcus is a member of Student Government Association and graduated from Student Life’s Student Leadership Summit in Fall 2015 . Through his involvement, he has given back to the community by volunteering with organizations such as the Salvation Army and more. In his spare time, Marcus enjoys listening to music, playing video games, drawing, and enjoying the outdoors.

Fall II: Kacey Yates


Kacey Yates is a senior at Wilmington University with
a 4.0 GPA. She is a Legal Studies major with a minor in Political Science. With a planned graduation date of May 2016, Kacey plans on attending law school in August 2016. She has not decided on which law school she will be attending, but it will probably be a school in the Washington DC – Baltimore area. She hopes to practice either criminal law, family law, or veteran’s advocacy law. Kacey is President of the Student Legal Association and is also active in SGA. She enjoys reading a good book, watching “The Office,” and spending time with friends and family

Spring I: Richard Wright


Richard Wright is a senior at Wilmington University with a 3.83 GPA. Richard is studying Game Design and Development and will be finished with his bachelor’s degree this summer. After graduating, Richard hopes to land a job in the creative field or get hired through freelance work. He also wishes to work on personal projects like creating games. As President of the Game Club, Richard is active on campus and enjoys thinking of ways to get fellow students involved in fun activities and finds the position rewarding. When he has free time, Richard enjoys playing and making games, creating art, photography, shooting videos and image editing.

Spring II: Corinne Carney


Corinne Carney is a senior at Wilmington University who will graduate in May 2016. She majored in Behavioral Science and holds a 3.13 GPA. She is continuing at WU to finish two certificates in Child Advocacy and Conflict Resolution. She plans on finishing these certificates within the next academic year and then to enroll in the accelerated Nursing program. During her tenure at WU, Corinne was part of four National Championship Cheerleading teams. Through school and cheer, Corinne has given back tremendously to local communities by participating in over fifteen 5K events benefiting various non-profit organizations. Additionally, she has participated in Cheer for Charity and has volunteered at local schools by reading to children. Her future goals are to become a nurse and pursue a position in pediatrics for her love of working with children. During her spare time, she likes to travel the country to teach cheerleading, play with her dog named Ducky, watch “The Bachelor,” and spend time with family.