Student of the Block


Katie Wallace

Elementary Education








Gigi Gaul

Business Management









Jocelyn Rodriguez

General Studies






James Parrish

Behavioral Science

Spring II Winner

Katie just completed her freshman year here at Wilmington University as an Elementary Education major, and she also plans on getting certified in Special Education and middle school English. She has successfully maintained a 3.68 GPA throughout her first year. In addition, she owns a small embroidery business with the help of her father, where she creates her own original embroidery designs and works hard to completely satisfy her customers. She is also involved with the Student Government Association at Wilmington University. Katie thoroughly enjoys volunteering at University events such as Open House and the Legislators Event, as well as participating in Student Life. Furthermore, she also volunteers at an elementary school in her local community of Milford, assisting teachers and students in the classroom as well as in their school events such as their Annual Carnival. Katie is excited to get her degree and begin her dream career in a classroom full of children. Her future goals include positively impacting as many children as possible inside and outside of the classroom, as well as maintaining her small business on the side.


Spring I Winner

Gigi is a current sophomore and Business Management major here at Wilmington University. In addition, Gigi works here at WilmU as a Peer Mentor for the Student Success Center. She mentors first year students in FYE classes offering educational advice and working to get students more involved on campus. She enjoys motivating students and offering a positive educational outlook. In addition to mentoring, she also assists with walk-in registration sessions through Academic Advising. Gigi is also involved in the Student Government Association here at Wilmington University. Through SGA, Gigi participates in volunteer work such as game nights at the Ronald McDonald House and collecting toy donations for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree. Gigi is a very dedicated goal driven student. She depicts this and her value for education through her class engagement as well as her 4.0 GPA. She is also a scholarship recipient of the Annual Fund and enjoys attending events like the Green and White Scholarship Ball and the Proud Donor Cupcake Social where she has the opportunity to thank donors for their thoughtful contributions. She currently resides in Newark, DE with her mom and grandparents. In her free time, Gigi enjoys spending time with her family members who continues to positively influence her life.



Fall II Winner

Jocelyn is currently a freshman at Wilmington University with a GPA of 3.93. She is majoring in General Studies to potentially get an idea of what particular degree to go in. She is currently a volunteer in her fourth year, at an after school program as well as summer camp at the Latin American Community Center (LACC) located in Wilmington DE. She is a tutor for children, ranging from grades K-6th. Through working at the LACC she has become a role model for the children, who alongside herself, have grown up in the city of Wilmington. Being a student at Wilmington, she hopes to decide on a major that suits serving her community by developing different programs for kids of all ages. She is also a member of the Women's Basketball team at Wilmington University. Playing basketball has introduced her to many people and has helped her become better at managing time wisely between sports and academics. Jocelyn is the oldest of five siblings and plans to set an example and graduate from college so that her siblings can also do the same.



Fall I Winner

James currently holds an Associate of Science degree in Social Service from Cumberland County College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science and will be graduating this spring.  Following the completion of his Bachelor’s degree, James will pursue a Master of Social Work degree. In 2012, James was the recipient of Wilmington University’s Presidential Scholarship, and he continues to excel in his academics with a GPA of 3.91. Happily married with four sons ranging in age from 13 to 24, James thrives as a father and husband. The positive influence he has on both his immediate and extended family has allowed James to become a role model in his community. He serves his local community and local schools in many ways. He volunteers; serving as a baseball, wrestling, basketball, and head football coach for community leagues.  James is extremely passionate about working with children, teens and young adults that society has all but discarded; youth that are headed down the wrong path. He knows from his own life that with a change of environment, appropriate discipline, and massive amounts of love and faith, the trajectory of a child’s life can be drastically changed forever. In his own words, “change the environment and change the child.”