College of Technology Internship Procedures

The following procedures should be followed by College of Technology students wishing to complete their Internship requirements.


Students seeking an Internship should:

  1. Download and familiarize yourself with the appropriate course syllabus and rubric
    1. Select COM490, ISM490, SEC490, or WIS490 as appropriate
  2. Find an Internship:
    1. Locate a company with a position pertinent to your major
    2. Internship opportunities may also be found at Wildcat Career Network
    3. Contact the prospective company to determine position availability
    4. Secure Internship opportunity with the company
  3. Complete the Internship Learning Contract; submit for approval to register:
    1. Download the Learning Contract
    2. Complete and submit to your Program Chair, along with a one-page written statement
      Note: This form must be signed by the Internship Supervisor
  4. Obtain an academic approval form and register for your Internship:
    1. Obtain an academic approval form from the appropriate Program Chair
      Note: All students wishing to register for an Internship must submit a completed Internship Learning Contract. Approval to register for an Internship will not be granted until this form has been delivered to and verified by the Program Chair.
    2. Return the academic approval form to the Registrar’s office with your registration form
    3. Register for your Internship (standard tuition fees apply)
  5. Begin your Internship, unless otherwise notified


During the Internship, students should:

  1. While at work, students should do their best to:
    1. Live up to the learning contract
    2. Strive for the best possible results on the course rubric
    3. Fulfill the objectives listed on the course syllabus
  2. Documentation– also while working students should:
    1. Complete a daily log or journal of activities
      • document work done each day including hours worked
      • enter any noteworthy events, such as praise for a job well done
    2. Maintain a portfolio (Multimedia and Television and Studio Production majors, only)
      • obtain approval from your employer before keeping or copying work
      • if possible, make copies of completed work and place in a portfolio


After completion of the Internship, students should submit the following items to their Program Chair:

  1. Completed daily journal documenting activities on-the-job, work done each day and hours worked
  2. A final Internship report including:
    1. Company background information (type, size, location, employees, etc.)
    2. List of course objectives and how they were met
  3. A copy of the portfolio saved to CD or interactive web site, if possible, including:
    1. Student name, course and number, Internship completed
    2. Copies of completed work


After completion of the Internship, the student’s work will be evaluated:

  1. The job supervisor submits a completed rubric and on-the-job assessment
  2. The Program Chair will complete a final evaluation and submit a course grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2016-2017 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2016 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.