FAQ for CoT Internships

When should I plan to undertake a
College of Technology Internship?

Students who have attained junior or senior status and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 are eligible to attempt an internship for credit toward their declared CoT major. Internships are required of all students in the Media Design and Studio Production degrees. Students in the Web Information Systems program have the option of either doing an internship or a senior project. Computer and Network Security and ISM majors may chose to complete an Internship as an elective.

Are Internships paid or unpaid?

Internships are typically unpaid or stipend-only but provide invaluable real-world work experience and opportunities to network with professionals in your chosen field. Paid internships are rare.

What time commitment is involved in an Internship?

A student will work a minimum of 90 hours during their Internship to receive 3 semester hours of credit. Work schedules will vary with employers. Some positions may require 1 or 2 full work days per week while others may opt for a few hours per day.

How can I obtain an Internship position?

First, you should visit the College of Technology web page to familiarize yourself with our Internship procedures and requirements.

You may already know where you would like to intern or you may want to visit the WildCat Network to locate internship opportunities.

Contact the prospective company of your choice to determine position availability.  You should have a resume and be prepared to interview. Design students may also want to have their portfolio-to-date available.

How do I register for a CoT Internship?

Once you have secured an Internship, you will need to complete, sign and submit the Internship Learning Contract to your Internship Coordinator. This form must also be signed by your new Internship (workplace) Supervisor. Once this form is received and verified by the Internship Coordinator, you will be given an academic approval form with which you will register for the appropriate course. This form should be taken to the Registrar’s office along with your registration form.

Note: You must register for your internship during open enrollment for the semester/block in which you plan to work. Requests for internship registration that are submitted after the beginning of the semester/block will not be approved until the next term.

Who is my Internship Coordinator?

Computer and Network Security Students

Mark Hufe

Game Design and Development Students

Scott Shaw

Information Systems Management

Nancy McDonald

Media Design Students

Susan Gregg

Studio Production Students

Scott Shaw

Web Information Systems

Nancy McDonald


This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2016-2017 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2016 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.