CTA 206 Competency Exam

Students who are interested, may sit for the CTA 206 Competency Exam. If the student receives 70% or higher on the assessment, there are 2 options:

  1. The student can waive CTA 206 - then the student would need to pick up another 3 credits in their program.
  2. The score may serve as a PLA for the CTA 206 course. The student would pay the PLA fee, but would not have to do the portfolio.

The Individual Score Report (ISR) will serve as the Academic Approval Form for either the PLA or course waiver. The student will receive a print out of their ISR from the proctor. The student must take their ISR to the Registrar’s Office or a Site Associate. The staff person will verify the score with the Student Success Center and either waive the course, or if the student prefers, input the PLA for the CTA 206 course.

Upcoming Placement Test Dates and Locations