English & Math Placement Testing

In order to best position our students for academic success, undergraduate students are required* to complete an assessment of their English and mathematics skills prior to registering** for their required freshman English and math courses in their intended degree program: MAT 121, MAT 201, MAT 205, or ENG 121. For best selection of courses, take your English and math placement tests as early as possible before term registration begins. Wilmington University uses the ACCUPLACER® computer-based placement testing system.

The results of the assessment allow us to place students in the appropriate level Math and/or English class, according to their demonstrated skill level. See Placement Test Results for placement outcomes.

Important Testing Information

* Some students may be exempt from placement testing due to standardized test scores or transfer student status. See Placement Testing Exemptions for a complete list of students who are not required to take placement tests.

** Placement testing is only required prior to registering for freshman English and math course requirements. Students may register for courses for which their required English and math courses are not pre-requisites. Students may choose to register for ENG 095 or MAT 095 without taking ACCUPLACER. Students selecting ENG/MAT 095 as their beginning level course are required to follow the sequence and complete the related ENG/MAT 110 course with a "C" or higher before being allowed to register for ENG 121 or the first level math for their degree program.