Blackboard Collaborate

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Conduct a Virtual Meeting

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing system that enables content display and application sharing. It allows users to conduct meetings with users at other locations. It can be used to share audio, video, PowerPoints and other documents.

Faculty and students also use this tool in the online classroom environment to capture a presentation and hold virtual office hours.


  • Lead or attend a meeting from your computer desktop
  • Microphone required or call in via a phone line


  • Can be used in or outside of Blackboard
  • Live sessions are encouraged with an option to record for replay
  • Web camera is optional, multiple cameras will slow down system
  • Screen sharing, application sharing, Powerpoint slides, and more can be used in the Collaborate environment.


This video tutorial is an overview of Blackboard Collaborate, including how to set up your computer and equipment to use with Collaborate. More information can be found on Blackboard in the Blackboard Training and Support course, and by clicking on Collaborate in the course menu.

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