About the Alumni Association

As alumni of Wilmington University, you are in a position to understand our educational missions, needs and goals.  Active involvement and commitment provides an opportunity for you to share in the success of our current students.  This is why we welcome you to join us in alumni meetings and activities at the University. To become an active member or to serve as a Chapter Chair, please contact The Alumni Relations Department.

The Alumni Association Executive Board

  • Brian Adair ’07 M.S., President
  • Frank Ingraham '96 M.S., Vice President
  • Ronetia Bacon '09 M.S., Vice President, Chapter Development
  • Mary Chen '09 Ed.D., Assistant Vice President, Existing Chapter Development
  • Keith Barrow '12 B.S., Assistant Vice President, New Chapter Development
  • Joe Pro '98 M.B.A., Immediate Past President

The Alumni Association Chapters and Chapter Chairs

New Castle County Chapter

  •    Madelynn Burns '09 B.S., New Castle County Chapter Chair

Kent and Sussex County Chapter

  •    Patricia Burrell ’05 M.S., Kent and Sussex County Chapter Chair
  •    Wendy Modzelewski '09 Ed.D., Kent and Sussex County Chapter Chair
  •    Gene Modzelewski '94 M.Ed., Kent and Sussex County Chapter Chair

New Jersey Chapter

  • Aparicio Giddins '07 M.B.A., New Jersey Chapter Chair
  • Kasha Giddins '07 M.Ed., New Jersey Chapter Chair

Pennsylvania Chapter

  • Sue Casey '95 B.A., Pennsylvania Chapter Chair

Pi Gamm Mu Chapter

  • Richard Carter '12 B.A. Chapter Chair
  • Melody D. Jones '11 B.S. Co-Chair
  • Patricia Spratley '10 B.A. Co-Chair
  • Stephanie Szczerba '12 B.A. Co-Chair

Student Alumni Chapter

  •  Anah Gallaway '14 B.S., Student Alumni Chapter Chair
  • Lauren Hale '12 M.S., Student Alumni Chapter Chair

Revised August 2011