Multimedia Services for Faculty & Staff

Wilmington University offers an array of services for Faculty and Staff designed to meet increasing multimedia needs which involve technical support, creation of rich-media content, high-tech equipment, and special software.

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Photo and Video Resources

Videos for Courses and More

Recording Audio or Video

Online videos are a great way to reach a wide-audience and a high-touch approach to increasing understanding and awareness of a service or message. There are several different video options available for your needs.

Event Photography


Get a photographer to capture and highlight Wilmington University events. Any event pertaining to Wilmington University and its interest is eligible to be photographed.

Multimedia Tools for the Classroom

Kaltura Media and Blackboard

Kaltura Media and Blackboard

The Kaltura Building Block allows us to add powerful media tools to Blackboard, combing the best features of video sharing, webcam recording, screen recording, and more all within the Blackboard Learn environment. Creating and sharing multimedia learning content is easier than ever using these intuitive tools.

Do-It-Yourself Lecture Capture

Do-It-Yourself Lecture Capture

Learn about using the Swivl to create do-it-yourself lecture capture segments for online learning courses or using the "flipped classroom" model in face-to-face courses.

Virtual Meetings

Web Conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate allows faculty to capture a presentation, hold simulcast class sessions, and hold virtual office hours.


Lync is a web conferencing tool that allows faculty and staff to hold virtual meetings from various sites and locations via a computer.

Phone Conferencing

Phone Conferencing

Multi-party call conferencing can be used to have a guest speaker attend a meeting.