I Didn't Receive a New myWilmU Student Account

Wilmington University completed creating all new myWilmU student email accounts on Monday, March 6, 2017. By now, you should have received your new email address and login instructions by email to your personal/alternate email address.

Didn't get your new myWilmU account message?

You may be a faculty or staff member.

Employees who are also students, including adjunct faculty and work-study students, were not issued myWilmU student accounts (login or email accounts).

  • All employees will use their employee email address (@wilmu.edu) to log in to myWilmU, even for their student services.
  • All employees will also use their @wilmu.edu email account to receive messages as students (in courses, or from University student services).
  • See myWilmU for Faculty & Staff for more information.

You may be a newly-admitted or newly-enrolled student.

  • SPRING 2017 and SUMMER 2017: New students who applied for admission or enrolled in courses for the first time for Spring 2017 or Summer 2017:
    • If you enrolled since March 1, 2017, it may take a bit longer to receive a myWilmU account.
    • We will notify you to your personal/alternate email address when your new account is ready very soon.
  • FALL 2017: Applicants for admission or newly-admitted students for Fall 2017:
    • Financial Aid Applicants ONLY:
      At this time, ONLY admitted students for Fall 2017 who have applied for financial aid for 2017-18 will receive a login account* for myWilmU. The Financial Aid office will notify you of this login account when they confirm they are ready for you to review your financial aid application.
    • All Other Applicants for Admission or Newly-Admitted Students:
      Applicants or newly-admitted students for Fall 2017 who have not applied for financial aid will not be issued a myWilmU login account* until just prior to registration for Fall 2017 which starts May 1, 2017. The Admissions office will notify you of this login account at the proper time.
*Login Accounts
  • Starting with new students for Fall 2017, newly-admitted students will be issued a myWilmU login account that only provides access to log in to myWilmU for online services required for financial aid or to enroll in courses.
  • This username for this myWilmU login account will appear to be an email address (e.g. msmith@my.wilmu.edu), but does not provide an actual email account. Enter the username in the full email address format when logging in to myWilmU.
  • A myWilmU student email account will be issued to new students when they enroll in courses for the first time.

We may not have your correct, up-to-date personal email address.

  • New! You can find your new myWilmU username/address, and link to myWilmU, in WebCampus! Go to My Contact Info from the WebCampus menu.
  • Review or update your alternate/personal address via WebCampus now. We will send a reminder message within the first week of rollout of new accounts.
  • Call our Help Desk, who can give you your new myWilmU account information over the phone after verifying your identity. We cannot provide this information by request via email or online chat to ensure account security.